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Cities: Skylines
« on: March 19, 2015, 05:13:41 PM »
If anyone wanted to build it so they can come. :)

FYI, Super fun! Reminds me of my SimCity 2000 days... Traffic control is also pretty neat. You have to wait though. If you make changes, it takes a little while for it to take effect - such as using one-way streets to control traffic flow or walkways for pedestrians. Grids work but I think with clever design and usage of tools you could get something much more organic and loopy in design and still manage to build a thriving city.

Also something you can casually play. There's a "hard" mode to really scratch your head in terms of money management. Not sure how deep it is but the economic panels are a little bunched up. You can't, for example, see the breakdown of an education cost or say cut funding for elementary schools but keep it high for universities....  And since buildings have area of affect you can't build a whole street of schools to service the city. :)

Modding is also gone crazy in the Steam workshop. Well worth the pennies compared to last year's SimCity disaster.

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