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Re: General Leo & Final Fantasy VI
« Reply #15 on: February 02, 2013, 04:09:43 AM »
On ScrewAttack it's kind of hard to suggest things because a lot of their content can be hit or miss; that and their show archiving royally sucks.

-Game Overthinker is one of 'MovieBob's' shows in a similar vein to Extra Credits, only focused more on hot-topic issues in the Gaming Industry rather than about the quirks and nuances of the industry itself. Enjoyment varies depending on interest in these issues, how much you like or dislike MB's style of critical approach, and if you can stomach or have the patience to fast-forward through the 'Story Segments' that seem to be a 'must have' of any online reviewer/journalist these days no thanks to That Guy With the Glasses. ~_~;

-Game Theory is a show with technically a nice bit of potential. It explores some of the more out there elements in gaming story/lore and approaches them from an angle most people might not have thought of before; typically with some excellent points. However...the way in which the material is presented is more than a little annoying, to say the least. It's like the creator is afraid he'll lose his audience unless he constantly (and I mean constantly) slaps around bad word plays, image transitions, and behaves like a 13-yeard old high on sugar discovering they can post videos on Youtube for the first time. Additionally some of the episode topics themselves are...IMO, pointlessly dull.

-Screwing Around may or may not be your thing depending on your taste for the current hot trend in internet show production; live streaming. It's pretty much an archive of various LS things they've done. Anything from intentionally playing the most horrible games you can imagine (such as the Teletubbies game); aka 'Terrible Thursdays', to in-house competitions for various things; aka 'Iron Man of Video Gaming', 'Mario Troll-Off', to unique gaming challenges 'Green Demon Challenge', to my personal favorite; 'Mario Party After Dark' (basically best friends having all out trash-talking wars utilizing Mario Party; in an awesome way usually). However additionally enjoyment depends on how much you like or dislike the personalities hosting/participating in these shows andf tolerance for their behaviors as a group dynamic.

-Death Battle, while not always gaming oriented, is what I consider probably one of the 'safer' suggestions. At least anything halfway through the show's lifespan after they more steadily forged their show's concept/identity and took more time in the pre-show prep. It's basically 'Deadliest Warrior' for video game, comic, anime, cartoon, ect. characters; done wonderfully light hearted with proper respect given to the presentation.

Ever wondered who'd win in a fight of Zelda vs Peach? Got it.
Pikachu vs Blanka? Got that too.
Oh, and there was that not really significant or polarizing episode at all they did just last month. I believe it was...Superman vs Goku. (Warning: Episode lasts in excess of 30 minutes; set time aside if you're honestly curious.)

-Anything unfortunately a bit hard to pin down. They're constantly hosting videos for other shows to help them get exposure; some actually quite a bit more entertaining and informational than anything on the host site itself. Again, since they don't archive for squat it's pretty hard to pin these down. About all you can do is just check the home page every so often, scroll down, see if anything interests you. If so, click. If not, move on and check later.

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