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Re: Clannad
« Reply #15 on: August 28, 2014, 01:13:11 AM »
Come on, this is a huge deal.  It's a true classic VN, and there aren't exactly a lot of official localizations of Key games out there (actually, is this the first?).

Also, I don't have to bitch about Sekai Project butchering it since it was all-ages to begin with...

Key made planetarian, right? That story was actually pretty great, and it didnt make me feel all dirty about myself afterwards (like literally every other VN ive ever attempted to sit through) I thought that one had been localized??

I think that one's in the process of localization, but its been awhile since I last heard anything on that front.

Anyways, my earlier post was more about the fact that I generally dislike how dishonest feeling these VN stories are. Like the only real piece of substance in any of these stories is the initial hook or mystery and it almost always involve running through a hundred hoops of blatant padding since there's like nothing else to the plot but the initial hook. And you do all this just to get to the end and find that the resolution tends to be a massive let down because it is either all about achieving almost nothing or a completely outlandishly convoluted method of achieving almost nothing (like the story of a budding romance (and sex) ends because the Yamato Nadesko (or however its spelled) girl dies to long term anime poisoning, or turns into a reluctantly berserk demon princess and needs to be mercy killed by the duller-than-dishwater player cypher descended from the long line of legendary demon slaying heroes that nobody's heard about prior to the start of this story before she completely loses her human purity).

Though I will admit that yes, my prior post should be amended. At least Soap Operas involve some kind of human performance beyond providing props, audio and putting the whole thing together.
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Re: Clannad
« Reply #16 on: August 28, 2014, 02:33:07 AM »
I loved the anime. I didn't know there was a game of it. I wish it were on consoles! I'm sure Steam users will love it. At least the ones who like cute anime will.
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