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"Tales of" a discussion
« on: December 02, 2014, 05:40:01 PM »
Since the discussion in the game journal is rather opinionated, how about we discuss our Tales in the form of a questionnaire.
I think an explanation for each answer would be good to fuel the flames of discord for a better understanding.

1. A) Best Male Character (Repede is male)

1. B) Best Female Character

1. C) Worst character

2. Best Mascot Character (or least annoying little shit)

3. Best Cast Synergy

4. Best Battle System

5. Best Battle Arena

6. Best Story

7. Best Music

(I'm not putting graphics because it's not really fair for the older games)

Bonus Question: Best Indignation

Also, since these are all opinions, no need to flame anyone for their answers.


1. A) Yuri Lowell
Given that most protagonists in the "Tales of" are generally dopes makes Yuri shine like no other. He has the awesome of Batman and the swag of Bruce Wayne at the same time.
Also, whoever thought about giving him that sword flip move he keeps doing after most arts was a genius.

1. B) Sophie
My gut reaction was to say Estelle, but in the end, she loses too many points for being a couple of tropes (airhead princess 'pure' healer). Sophie on the other hand is an interesting character with a lot of growth. She'd make a much better lead than Asbel.

1. C) Rita Mordio
God she is obnoxious. Her whole tsundere act goes way overboard with her bullying poor little Karol all the time. She's also annoying with her haughty attitude. Her sole redeeming point is that she's a complete beast in combat when you put her in Overdrive.

2. Quickie (Tales of Eternia)
One of the few mascot that doesn't speak. I hate most of the mascots and would punch them if given a chance, but Quickie I can like.
Props to Abyss for actually kicking the mascot.

3. Tales of Graces F
I like how 'fluid' the synergy is between each member. Other than Pascal, everyone has a valid reason for sticking together (I believe I once made a graph about that here). The interactions / skits are also pretty great.

4. Tales of Graces F
Smooth yet fast. Controlled, precise and incredibly balanced. The player's action can be much more important than stats when reaching a certain expertise. Another great thing is that each character feels great to play.

5. Tales of Vesperia
I like the 200-man melee. It's an amazing brawl. It's really enjoyable to battle higher and higher as you get stronger to challenge more cameos. The music changing as you progress is also a neat little feature.
There's technically the team arena which looks pretty fun in Vesperia PS3... ;_;

6. Tales of Phantasia
Phantasia gets a lot of points for having a sensible bad guy. If you omit the ancient civilization with time traveling swords, there's not much left that makes little to no sense.
Well as far as video games go...

7. Tales of Phantasia
While not necessarily the best sounding music due to its age, a lot of modern remixes come from songs in Phantasia. Having songs that span for nearly 2 decades means it did something right.

Bonus: Tales of Eternia
You have 2 of them (caster dependent) and you get to blast Dhaos Sekundes with it (extra points for the «SONNA... SONNA BAKANA! GUAAAAAAH!!!»). Plus, it makes sense that the time element spell hurts the time boss.


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Re: "Tales of" a discussion
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2014, 06:29:07 PM »
I like that the first half of the questions are character related.


1a) Dhaos. I like the very concept of the guy. An alien shitwrecker that's pissed at these stupid monkeys burning up their planet and its resources over petty land squabbles. Especially resources that he and his people could use. Also the fact that even if you do trash him he still has the option of fleeing across time and space (not that it helps much if your enemies are waiting for you on the other side, or shuts this out down).

1b) Mary. Entirely for aesthetics. That and as I've mentioned in the Game Journal, Symphonia helped me realize that the series really isn't my cup of tea, so my pool of reference is limited (that and I've never known a Tales of Female that I've really liked).

1c) Stahn. For being the poster boy of idiot JRPG heroes. Honorable Mention: Any full blooded Elf in the series.

2) Presea. For a given value of mascot (but mostly because she decks herself out as Klonona, and that I would take as best mascot).

3) Phantasia.

4) Graces F. If I had to take a guess.

5) Trick Question. They all suck.

6) Phantasia. This may change if I ever bother to play another Tales of Game but Destiny and Symphonia are both pretty weak.

7) Phantasia, I guess? I don't know, they all sound pretty Motoi Sakuraba-ish to me.

Bonus: Phantasia. "What the heck!"
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Re: "Tales of" a discussion
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2014, 08:23:14 PM »
1. A) Best Male Character - Zelos

1. B) Best Female Character -  Tear

1. C) Worst character - Estelle

2. Best Mascot Character - N/A

3. Best Cast Synergy - Symphonia

4. Best Battle System - Graces F

5. Best Battle Arena - N/A. I don't like the battle arenas, and only did them in Symphonia.

6. Best Story - Abyss

7. Best Music - Abyss


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Re: "Tales of" a discussion
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2014, 08:41:06 PM »
lol oh Annubis

1 A) Best Male Character - Reid Herschel.  He kind of reminds me of Claus from Last Exile. Actually, Tales of Eternia as a whole reminds me a lot of Last Exile....  And since I've seen LE all the way through at least 10 times,  I couldn't leave him out.  Raven from Vesperia is the most interesting though.

1 B) Best Female Character -  Rita Mordio, best attitude ever... I have a very real thing for women who can get in my face.  Also it's very rare that a female party member is consistently downright shitty.  I thought she was a wonderful breath of fresh air.  I also liked Rutee until she falls in love with Stahn.... ugh.

1 C) Worst Character - Estelle... is an eternally optimistic high voiced pink healer PRINCESS who can't make up her mind. She is a disgusting bit of trite triteness.   Meredy would be up here too, if her native language wasn't so gosh darn adorable.

2) skip

3) No Idea

4) Best Battle System - Eternia is the last Tales title where I felt like I totally understood the battle system.  Everything after it seems needlessly complicated.

5) Don't usually spend too much time in them

6) Best Story - Abstaining from answering because I've never been totally enthralled with any of the story lines.  Vesperia's is probably the least derivative I've seen.

7) I don't remember

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Re: "Tales of" a discussion
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2014, 11:11:14 PM »
I guess we are each other's kryptonite or something.


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Re: "Tales of" a discussion
« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2014, 11:28:53 PM »
1. A. Yuri Lowell from Vesperia
I hate to be the guy just following the most well loved character by fans, but he's just SO COOL. Also the idea of playing as a vigilante and having a standard Tales protagonist (Flynn) being the foil is pretty cool too.

1. B. Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear from Abyss
I didn't initially care too much for her at first, thinking of her as just another in the list of "spoiled princess" trope characters, but as time went by, it became apparent that she is also a DAMN GOOD princess who deserves the love of her people, and the give it to her, even when her blood is brought into question.

1. C. Shirley Fennes from Legendia
BLAAAAAAAAAAAGH. Everything about her is just awful. Her personality is awful, her role in the story is awful. For further details, just check out the "Best and Worse Female RPG Characters" feature on this site from a few years back.

2. Tenebrae from Symphonia: DotNW  (Yes, he counts!)
It's a shame about that game, but Tenebrae was honestly one of THE best things about this game. A sardonic wisecracker, this cool dude is basically Jade from Abyss minus sadistic tendencies.

3. TIE! Symphonia and Abyss
Symphonia's cast coming together makes more sense to me overall, but Abyss' characters themselves felt the most compelling to me.

4. Graces F/Destiny R
Any game that doesn't use a standard TP system and instead allows for me to continuously combo in short bursts is absolutely perfect. CC is a fantastic mechanic.

5. Vesperia
The 200 man melee was SUPER fun and the cameo battles were very doable solo as opposed to Graces' absurd solo cameo battle against Veigue. Also Xillia is instantly awful because ringouts. EFF THAT.

6. Abyss
Even if there were aspects that were somewhat cliched, MAN did that game have good drama. I can indeed be bought by good drama. The characters all developed quite well too.

7. Legendia
I feel bad for this, especially considering that Sakuraba is one of my favorite composers, but Legendia's soundtrack is absolutely beautiful. Go Shiina did a brilliant job. Of the Sakuraba bunch though, my favorite music came from Destiny R.

Bonus: wHAt thE HecK IS tHAT?!
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Re: "Tales of" a discussion
« Reply #6 on: December 03, 2014, 01:01:50 PM »
1. A) Best Male Character (Repede is male)

Repede! No, wait, I'll have to go with Yuri. I like that he isn't the typical kind of do-gooder but doesn't enter edgy/emo territory either. That kind of balance is rare in games.

1. B) Best Female Character

No matter what you guys say, I'll always like Estelle for being just so gosh darn cute and kind! Kindness does require strength of character and I don't care it's not the cool kind. And while she can be kind to a fault and will probably never be a leader like Natalia, I don't want to hold that against her. It's not like she chose to be born a princess. If her true calling is something like writing (children's) literature, then that's great too.

1. C) Worst character

Meh. I dunno. I always to throw stupid hero idiots off a cliff the moment I meet them, but after a while I just kinda tune them out. I do remember wanting to punch Legendia's Shirley in the face for most of the game for being an awful, annoying and mostly awful person.

2. Best Mascot Character (or least annoying little shit)

Repede is just plain awesome, but Quickie and Rollo both get points for playing the mascot role perfectly: cute but not obnoxiously so.

3. Best Cast Synergy

That's a difficult one... Definitely one of the smaller ones. With the 8-9 character casts it always feel like there's at least one member who's there simply because everyone on the development team loved the character design or battle style, but nobody had not idea what to do with him/her storywise, so the character gets a moment or two to appear relevant and then just kinda hangs out, or something. Yes, I'm looking at you, Gall.

I think I'll go with the Abyss. Not only had all members valid reasons to be there, they also found time to interact with pretty much every other character in the group. Plus, Anise and Jade teaming up to mess with everyone else was just too funny.

4. Best Battle System

Graces. Moving around the battle field, dodging attacks left and right felt really fluid. In most Tales games it feels like there's this divide between moving and hitting, but I didn't really notice that in Graces. And yeah, CC is a great mechanic. The basic combo system that's used in most titles works fine, sure, but CC is easy to understand and allows for more freedom.

5. Best Battle Arena

Vesperia's one of the few were I did all the challenges. Xillia (2)'s was fun too, but felt kinda meager in the cameo department.

6. Best Story

The Abyss. It was kinda convoluted at times and the technobabble didn't help, but there was some good drama in there. Hearts gets points for telling a basic story well. No frills or bullshit, just fairly straightforward save the girl/world kind of thing.

7. Best Music

I honestly can't remember. All the Sakuraba stuff kinda melted together a long time ago. If I dig deep enough, I might be able to recall some favourite battle themes, but even that is getting harder thanks to those character costumes with matching music.


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Re: "Tales of" a discussion
« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2014, 02:07:39 PM »
Do one for the FF series too. :P

1. A) Best Male Character: Yuri for the same reasons as Annubis.  Too many young optimistic leads, shounen boys yelling about justice.  Yuri does it too, but with the harsher reality of being a responsible adult.  He gets a lot of credit to the point I can never say it isn't unwarranted I think it fits given the Tales hero trend and how Yuri breaks the mould.  Luke or Jade would be a near second.

1. B) Best Female Character:  Hm.  I probably would say Estelle for being so nice.  She is a big trope, but I admire the book smart angle they gave her.  Pascal is up there too though for being crazy smart and crazy funny (a rare combination that gives her a ton of attention in Graces).  Sophie is up there too even though the peculiar mix of "emotionally washed-out girl with pigtails" is a "thing" seen a lot in Japanese anime, but she works it well for being really sweet.  Leia works here too for being that lovely optimist even if she isn't so smart.  I like a lot of the females in these games, but I'd still put Yuri high up on an 'overall' list.  I can't really pick a best, or maybe I've yet to see it.

1. C) Worst character: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place goes to Shirley.  Fuck her.  I totally fucking cheered and laughed
Code: [Select]
when Senel turned her down.  It was a good choice.
2. Best Mascot Character: Repede, of course.  Mieu can burn in a fire and is the only time I've advocated animal harm was when Luke abused the thing

3. Best Cast Synergy: Vesperia/Abyss.  I want to say Abyss, but I need to replay Vesperia to remember better.  Symphonia is a distant 3rd.  Vesperia's team acted like best buds, but I did like the "mini United Nations" representation going on within Abyss' cast (they're all politically aligned with opposing forces).

4. Best Battle System: Graces.  Graces.  Graces.  Can't wait to see Zesty's take on it.

5. Best Battle Arena: Vesperia, but if there was a "best side content" tab, Eternia wins that one for having the most to do.  Including arena, a play, getting 'wings', secret bosses, dungeons, etc.

6. Best Story: Abyss blows the rest away

7. Best Music: Hmm.  Shit.  Eternia gets me retro vote.  Xillia was too hit or miss for me to consider.  Vesperia has a very relaxing OST.  Abyss, for a game with a music motif, misses a lot but has a damn fine theme song.  No answer, I kinda pick and choose from all of them.  Sakuraba's NON Tales work would lead to a more precise answer I think.

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Re: "Tales of" a discussion
« Reply #8 on: December 03, 2014, 05:50:29 PM »
These answers may be a bit surprising from someone who claims to be a fan of the series, but let's see here...

1A) Malik. Malik was just a wonderful character, and to this day I haven't quite figured him out. He plays himself off as naive and uninformed so well that you sometimes wonder whether or not he really is just playing around with the other characters. He's also really the only character in the Graces cast with an interesting history/arc.

1B) Sorry Annubis, but I also have to say Rita. As my obsession with Metallia would let on, I have a thing for a good temper tantrum, and Rita is the queen of temper tantrums. I like to think of her this way: She's smug and she's an asshole, but she's never a smug asshole.

1C) THE ENTIRE CAST OF XILLIA 1 & 2 -- (disclaimer: I couldn't get more than about halfway through 2) These characters were all awful. Poor Leia would have been my answer to the previous question but her character turned to shit in 2 along with a few others. And any character that seemed good in 2 was only because of how less awful they were than in the first. You can throw all the love you want at Rowen, but the team didn't hit the "cool old guy" nail on the head so much as smack you in the face with the "cool old guy" hammer.

And the team dynamic was even worse, the only two characters that held conversations that didn't sound like they were talking through a glass wall were Jude and Leia, and that was just sickeningly cliche.


3) Vesperia without a doubt. For the exact opposite reason Xillia's cast sucked so bad. All the characters were interesting on their own and then we got to watch them mold themselves into the dysfunctional family that was Brave Vesperia. The only one that didn't really seem to fit was Judith who never really evolved past "She's hot, but she doesn't exactly have all her marbles."

4) I would say Graces because it was so well designed, but to be perfectly honest Abyss was the only system I was ever any good with, so despite being overly simple with nothing too unique going on, I give this to Abyss.

5) Vesperia's battle arena was where you could get Estelle's Magical Girl costume, so that's a no-brainer.

6) None.

I've played Abyss, Vesperia, Graces, Xillia 1, and a bit of Xillia 2 and Symphonia. Every one that I've played through boils down to this: There's something just outside the world's perceptible borders that has somehow remained a secret for hundreds/thousands of years and has also somehow remained not-a-threat until the plot decides it needs to be.

It's a decent enough idea, but when every Tales game seems to use that same premise, it gets old and boring. I've always considered Tales games to be character driven JRPG's and not at all story-driven.

7) I can't answer this without breaking it down:

Overworld: Vesperia
Battles: Abyss
Dungeons: Abyss
Towns: Vesperia
Character Themes: Graces
Opening: Really tough one. Abyss edges it out.


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Re: "Tales of" a discussion
« Reply #9 on: December 04, 2014, 07:00:25 AM »
1a. Can't decide. x_x

1b. Sheena, just always loved her.

1c. Cheria with Asbel in a close second place. The two of them made Graces nearly unplayable to me because of how deep my hatred for them went.

2. Does Teepo count? If Teepo counts then Teepo.

3. The degree of my recollection on this topic is so varied that I don't think I can give a good answer here.

4. I'm going with Symphonia because it is the one I remember liking the most, although that may very well have just been that it was new to me when I first played it, although I remember liking it just fine when playing it again. Don't recall disliking any of the others (except maybe Legendia) but none of the others really stood out to me.

5. Pass.

6. I'm going with Xiliia 2 although Abyss is up there also.

7. Tales of Phantasia because it has one of my favorite tracks of all time, Take up the Cross. Tales of Symphonia is probably second for me because it has Full Throttle which is just listening to my childhood.

Bonus: After watching the video, I am going with Abyss.