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FourChords Guitar Karaoke
« on: July 28, 2016, 10:56:02 PM »
OK, this isn't STRICTLY a game.  But it's software that you "play" with, and it's not an RPG, so I'm putting it in here.

As I hope you know, we staff members sometimes get free games.  Most of the games we review are given to us by developers, in fact.  (We're going to start adding a disclaimer to the bottom of our reviews for which this is true where we say "we got this free, but didn't give it a better score on that account."  And it's true.  We're just working on the specific wording to make sure it doesn't sound like one of those things people say in a weasely way.)  And we sometimes get emails from publicists about games that we don't cover.  We write them back and say "Sorry, that's not something we'd review, and we don't want to 'steal' a free copy from you, so please don't send us one."  99 times out of 100, the PR person says "no worries, thanks for writing back," and that's the end of it.

But odds are odds, and the last 1 out of 100 happened recently.  I got an email about a game/thing called FourChords Guitar Karaoke.  It's to help you learn to play songs on guitar and sing along, and it was made by a Finnish developer called Musopia in connection with a guy named Justin Sandercoe, who's the man behind the very site I recently started using to learn guitar.  I wrote the PR guy and said "Sorry, we don't cover this type of thing, but I might buy it now that I know it exists, because [the things I just said.]"  Well, he told me to keep the game anyway, and after checking it out today, I wanted to at least come here on the forums and tell you that if that sounds like a thing you might be interested in, you should check it out too.  It's pretty cool!

You pick a song from different collections in the app, and it shows you what chords are in that song, along with a looping video showing you how to play each one and a diagram of the proper finger positions.  After you're comfortable to move on, it goes into the song and does a karaoke style crawl on the left with lyrics and chords, and on the right, it shows the fingering for the chord that's coming up.  At the bottom right, you can transpose it up or down as desired and change the tempo to whatever you're comfortable with.  If you're good already, it probably isn't worth it for you.  But for someone like me, it's great.

Here's the Steam page, which has all the usual Steam page stuff.
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