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Author Topic: Dragon Age 3  (Read 3719 times)
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« Reply #60 on: April 24, 2014, 05:13:27 PM »

Release date: October 7 for USA for PS 3, Xbox 360, PS 4, Xbone, and PC

"Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition."

As the quote from the trailer hints at, all your companions have colorful backgrounds, some even had prominent leadership positions before joining the Inquisition. We can now ID all our companions and our 3 important advisors.


Using the pic above, going from left to right:

Cullen - He will be our NPC military advisor, in charge of our troop deployments. In origins he is the Templar you find held prisoner at the end of the Circle Tower quest. In DA2 he is the Templar's Knight Captain, second in command in Kirkwall. He is now an Ex-templar, apparently having left the Templar order after the Kirkwall annulment at the of DA2. Prehaps that event did not sit well with him. Its also possible he did not wish to follow the rest of the Templar Order when they left the Chantry in opposition to the new Divine's attempts at peaceful compromise with the rebelling mages. Confirmed romance option.

Vivienne - Yes, she a back women from a position of power. Pro-circle, was set to become first enchanter of one of the two circles in Orlias before the circle was resolved in favor of rebellion against Chantry control. Know as the Iron Lady, a master of Orlesian politics. Served as an advisor to the empress of Orlais.  Joins the Inquisition to help her fellow mages however she can.

Varric - Famous or Infamous (depends on perspective) companion of Hawke (champion of Kirkwall). Traveled with Cassandra after the events of DA2. Joins the Inquisition with Cassandra and will play the same role as in DA2, the BFF of the player character.

Cole - A character from the novel "Dragon Age: Asunder". Possibly a possessed Mage though its unclear what type of spirit would be possessing him, possibly a new unknown type. While a mage, hes completely untrained and uses what magic he has reflexively. He has the ability to manipulated the minds of other people so they cannot see him. Cole can then walk right up to his victims and slit their throats and even others watching won't be able to understand whats happening. To reflect this ability he is apparently a Rogue in DA: I.

Solas -  Elven apostate and expert on the fade. In Elvish "solas" means "pride". Unknown if he is Dalish. Hes expertise on the fade is clearly the reason for his inclusion in the Inquisition though its unclear how or why he joins.

Cassandra Pentaghast - Right hand of the Divine. Finds the player character after they emerge from the fade at the start of the game. Proposes the formation of the Inquisition. The Pentaghst family is the Royal Family of Nevarra, a nation that is a rival of Orlais. The Family is famed as Dragon Hunters, having nearly hunted the creatures to extinction a few centuries ago. If you have watched the animated movie, rise of the seeker, than you know that Cassandra fights with a bit of a chip on her shoulders. In other words, she quick to angry but she is very dedicated to her sense of justice. Confirmed romance option.

The Inquisitor, aka the player character - You will be the leader, not Cassandra, because only you can close the fade tears and apparently you will be given the chance to display your leadership qualities early on and often.

Iron Bull - a one eyed, Tal-Vashoth mercenary. Fearless. Tal-Vashoth means hes a Qunari who is not part of the Qun.

Unknown Name - rumored to be a renegade Tevinter mage who wishes to remove the corruption from his homeland.

Leliana - One of the companions from Origin. Shes our NPC spy master. Her reason for joining is likely the same as Casandra. I will get into that in a bit in the spoiler tag below.

Sera - rumored to be a City Elf thief (not a class name but literally shes a thief/bandit). Unclear why she joins but there is a city elf rebellion going on in Orlais so that might be related in some way.

Unknown name- Likely to be the final NPC advisor, in charge of trade/politics.

Unknown name - rumored to be a Grey Warden.

Additionally, the start of the game has been somewhat spoiled. Beware, some might consider this a significant spoiler:

The game starts at a peace summit at the Urn of Sacred Ashes between the Chantry and the Rebel Mages. Some cataclysm occurs that incinerates everyone at the summit and opens a huge tear in the vale. Out of that tear the player character emerges which is when Cassandra finds you. Various important world leaders are dead and to deal with the ensuing chaos, Cassandra proposes the formation of the Inquisition.

Its likely that the Divine (head of the Chantry) is dead. In which case both Cassandra (right hand of the Divine, basically her champion) and Leliana have a strong reason to join. If you played the Origin DLC Leliana's Song, the woman (Dorothea) that helps Leliana escape the dungeon and latter gives her shelter in the Lothering Chantry, shortly afterwards becomes the new Divine. Clearly, you can see why Leliana would be very close to this Divine, whom she served as a spy after the events of Origins.

A new official site has been released as well with new info:


You can check out an interactive map to learn some lore.

3 specializations have been confirmed:

Warrior - Champion
Rogue - Artificer - specializes in traps.
Mage - Knight Enchanter - sounds similar Arcane Warrior. A mage that focus on melee combat, wrapped in defensive spells and wields arcane swords (magical lightsabers maybe?!)

Dragons will be unique high level encounters. Each Dragon battle will be different, there are different types such as a fire dragon which obviously breathes fire. You will be able to target different body parts to disable different abilities of the dragon. Such as crippling the wings to prevent flying or breaking a leg to slow movement.

After the main quest is done you will still be able to explore the game. There will be a heavy focus on exploration.

NO MORE WAVE COMBATS such as in DA2!!!! Combats are now a tailor made at set enemy numbers in order to focus on a more tactical nature for combat. This also helps them scale the game down for the older consoles since number of enemies is one of the largest resource hogs for a game of this nature. Both the PC and Console versions shall have a tactical View where you can zoom out for a birds eye view of combat and pausing the game and selecting enemies lets you see their level, class, and health.

You will be able to customizes your armor's colors and change the abilities/equipment for your companions. For example, Cassandra defaults to sword and shield but you'll be able to respec her has a two handed warrior if you want.

4 Races to choose from:

Human - from Ferelden
Elf - Dalish
Dwarf - Surface Dwarf
Qunari - Tal-Vashoth (in other words, not part of the Qun)

The player character will be fully voiced.  One American and one British accent per gender for a total of 4 voice sets to choose from.
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