Author Topic: Wizardry: Curse of The Ancient Emperor Bestiary

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Wizardry: Curse of The Ancient Emperor Bestiary
« on: October 24, 2011, 11:38:30 AM »
Here's another Wizardry bestiary, this time for the second Japanese-only Gaiden Gameboy game: Curse of The Ancient Emperor.  This one is unique in that the storyline involves Chinese/Japanese, rather than Western, mythology, in the form of the four legendary beasts (Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryuu, and Byakko).  It also has the hardest last level of any Wizardry game I've ever played--I can usually beat a Wizardry game with my characters in the mid-teens, this time they had to be in their mid-twenties (that may not sound like much to you if you're used to playing stuff like Final Fantasy that go up to Level 99, but in Dungeons & Dragons, the 20s are quite high), and I still barely survived.  There's a fair amount of re-use of monster sprites from Suffering of The Queen, which is disappointing, but that's what I expected.