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Author Topic: RPGFan Podcast (Random Encounter) Thread  (Read 92521 times)
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« Reply #960 on: September 01, 2014, 01:57:05 PM »

Snarky question:  Why are you so inconsistent with the "if we don't cover it we can't talk about it" rule?  Why is it okay to talk about horror games for 20+ minutes and not to talk about a fighting game that's part of an RPG series and features an RPG mode?  But of course I'd feel that way, because i don't give two ****s about horror games and I love fighting games in general and P4A in particular.  

It's a very simple metric, actually.

"Is Rob interested in this game?"

/said playfully since I only ever begrudgingly make us leave a game topic if it's not RPG-related.

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« Reply #961 on: September 03, 2014, 07:09:10 PM »

Been a long time since I posted in this thread, so gotta go into asskissing mode for just a sec.  <AssKissing> I just want to say I'm so glad you guys still do these podcasts regularly, as you all never fail to keep me entertained with the discussions you have.  Really really enjoy hearing your opinions on stuff as your arguments are always very well-supported.  </AssKissing>

Ass kissing aside, I wanted to toss out my two cents on a couple of the listener questions too, damnit!

First, the question about technical limitations.  FF6 was mentioned a couple of times in that discussion, but there were a couple of parts in that game that really could have used a bump in hardware.  Those two parts being the Serpent Trench and the Magitek Lab escape sequence on the train tracks.  They were fine sequences, but they were pixelated messes.  I think those sequences, as well as the airship piloting, did sort of indicate a direction that Square wanted to take though in jumping to 3D generated environments, which... obviously they have NAILED!

The other one I wanted to respond to was with regard to video games competing with other medium, a-la movies and television.  I've gotta throw a shout out to Virtue's Last Reward on that one, since I think with that game, it not only competes with some of the greatest movies and shows to date, but I think it surpasses most, if not all, with how intricate the plot is and how uniquely it is presented to the player.

My question for the podcasters is kind of inspired by a top 10 youtube video I saw a couple of days ago about video games that ruined a series.  Is there a particular rpg video game series that you guys either avoid completely or shudder to play, due to a bad experience with one of the installments in the series? 

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« Reply #962 on: September 03, 2014, 07:28:30 PM »

I don't know if this really counts... but I'm gonna put it out there anyway, on the topic of better tech improving a game.  FFT is better on the PSP than it was on the PS1, and part of that is the tech.  Part of it's the massively-improved translation, and part is the revamped controls, but the new cutscenes are so great.

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« Reply #963 on: September 09, 2014, 02:56:52 PM »

Okay, first off, big thanks to you guys for discussing my query on FFX!  It was an awesome discussion on the fine line criticism walks.  Now for something completely different.  Re-listening to a couple of older podcasts while I work, I noticed something.

In episode 84, Rob commented on how Dragon Quest X looked like a PS2 game.  Rob's snarky comment got me thinking.  I recalled your earlier discussions you had about how a game running at 60 fps feels more responsive and it made me wonder, "Should we care about this?"

Many reviews I've read on major gaming sites discuss how well the graphics look, or the technical details of the engine for games while rarely discussing the art direction and aesthetic choices made by the designers which, in my opinion, give a game a unique style and aesthetic.  The art direction of say Windwaker or WOW holds up so much better than Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls even though the latter are far more graphically powerful.  But, as I game more on the computer, I'm beginning to see how the more technical aspects of graphics are just as important.  If a game's graphics are not carefully designed and developed, it might not be able to sustain the world it is attempting to represent (especially for RPGs, which can be dozens of hours long) and this can take you out of the experience.

So my question is this, which is more important to you as you game, a uniquely designed artist style or a game that is more technically sound in it's graphics?  And, what are some games you've played that fuse these two postulates together well?
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