Author Topic: Help with transferring files to a smart phone....the video game way.

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Okay, I have a samsung infuse (i997 model number i think). I am trying to transfer some files from my ps3 over to it via usb, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, the connection for mass storage keeps resetting. I've tried a different cable, different port on the ps3, cleaning the ports, and a few other tricks, but I have had almost no success. So, I am trying other methods to connect now, but google is of no help, seeing as the first 20 fucking pages are just reviews and help doing from a pc to the phone. I can't be bothered to do it the assinine way of a flash drive to the ps3 then to the pc then to my phone, it's 2 fucking music files. Sad part is I used to use my old samsung impression in lieu of an microsd card reader for file transferring on my ps3, so I know it works. Is it maybe a software issue on the newer phones, is my ps3 really dying at this point, is this all just a paradox of some sort? Plsase help!