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I'm still hoping an Ultimate Edition comes out, because I'd like to get all the DLC in one package without having to spend iterative amounts on it - not counting DLC equipment, there's about $25 worth. 

In either case, I borrowed it from a friend a month or two after it was released and thought that most of the criticism surrounding it was genuine - they re-use nearly every goddamn dungeon multiple times, and the game's plot behaves like a series of soulless sidequests until the big finish, which is admittedly action-packed and intriguing.  I thought that your companions were okay, but paled in comparison to the casts of DA: Origins or Mass Effect 2.  Dialog is still strong.  Combat is faster and spells / talents are better-designed.  Dragon Age 2 has some major flaws that are deal-breakers for many, but I still liked it well enough to say that my time wasn't wasted.  If no Ultimate Edition comes out in the next four or five months, I'll probably bite the bullet and buy a copy for $20. 


Re: Dragon Age 2
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Eh, it's RPGfan. Most around here would burn a mediocre WRPG to the ground but a mediocre JRPG gets praised.

No, I think this has more to do with how big a developer/publisher is that the game comes from. This is very similar to the response to FFXIII, a game that isn't really THAT bad but is treated as one of the worst ever made by a lot of people, partially because of how liked the earlier games were. Meanwhile people sneer at Idea Factory/Compile Heart, while you don't usually see any other WRPGs unfairly piled upon that don't deserve it usually.
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