Author Topic: Rage of Bahamut: Götterdämmerung event is over!

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Rage of Bahamut: Götterdämmerung event is over!
« on: April 08, 2013, 04:06:28 PM »
The event that I was busy whole the month is ended today, this event was great to play and sadly the event is ended this morning early at 02:00 tonight. I had scored much more card from that event, so I can tell you what I score on this event and those cards are evolved also are thet maxed on the evolution and leveling up. Had powerful presents from that event. I won every powerful missions on quest 'n battled against the powerful monsters even against the powerful Odin and Farfer. One of them I defeated and that was Farfer and I had won high normal.
The powerful dragon card this card is the greatest and the strongest his name Death Dragon.

This card's level is 30 and the Maturaty is at maximum (100%), his attack power is 6257 and defence power is 4241 so this card is very strong and I made him the leader of my deck.

"The dragon was able to move with the help of dark powers, granting it the flame of life. The shadow of the rampaging dragon, controlled by an unknown force, stirred up in a frenzy.
The monster was showing it's true colors..."

I also scored the Rookie summoner and she is also leveled and evolusion is 100% completed.
I want to show you my powerful deck soon!

This dragon is very strong and I'm sad that the event is over right now! I can't score now the strongest card and fight the strongest monster anymore dear gamers.
So hope there will be coming other event soon that I can get into the mission and battle against the strongest monster again. Scoring the powerfull mosnter cards again!
Pokemon trainer who want to get back to elite pokmon trainer :(