Author Topic: The Moonlighters (an indie game I saw at E3 that I thought was pretty neat)

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I was at the IndieCade booth at E3 checking out a bunch of indie games, and this one caught my eye.  The Moonlighters is a story-based stealth game (with graphic adventure elements) set in the 1950s that attempts to recreate those cool heist scenes from movies where you have to choose which of your team will play what roles (i.e. the instigator, the distraction, the safe-cracker, etc.) and it switches between them as each one completes an objective.  It really is a neat game and I felt like I was playing out those tense "team heist" scenes from movies. 

The storyline centers around a group of hip-cat performers who did some heist scenes in movies, but when Rock 'n Roll pushed them out of the spotlight, the down on their luck troupe entertain the notion that if they could pull off a heist in that movie, maybe they can pull off a heist in real life.  Will they succeed?  Hopefully episode one will tell us. 

What I played of the game was the first heist (a guided/semi-tutorial one) and I liked the idea of selecting who would do best at what role.  I also like the potential the game has.  When I talked to the developers, they see the potential of incorporating branching pathways where selecting between heists influences the storyline or maybe even who you choose for what role influences some outcomes too.  Sure, you need to walk before you run so perhaps this first effort may be more linear/story-focused, but really, I thought this was a pretty neat little game that I couldn't quite classify into any specific genre, but makes perfect sense.
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