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Ray Bradbury: Dead and Loving it!

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Not sure why you went with the title of a Mel Brooks movie... but OK.  Saw this news earlier today and was somewhat saddened by it.  He was 91, though, and he had a darned good run.  If there's anyone here who hasn't read Fahrenheit 451, it's totally worth it.

Sadly that's the only book of his I have read.

I'll have to change that

Read Something Wicked This Way Comes.

When everyone else in 8th grade was reading Fahrenheit 451, my English teacher had us read The Illustrated Man.  It had some solid stories in it, but 451 was way better. 

And in tribute, here's "The Night Witch" by A Sound of Thunder.  Yes, the band named themselves after the Ray Bradbury short story.


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