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Re: RPG's for the iPad!
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Serious question - aren't IOS rpgs generally considered terrible at this point?

I was very cautious when I started playing Chaos Rings....but I played the HELL out of it! I just recently beat it and was pretty satisfied, actually. What made it so easy to play was how access-able it was. I had no problem picking it up and putting it down. Now that could be a good OR a bad thing. It was good enough for me to keep picking it up and NOT good enough for me to never put it down. Haha.

I'll pretty much just say this: so far, I'm liking these games a lot more than I thought I would. Though since I just finished Chaos Rings, and just started Chaos Rings Omega and then I'm going to play Chaos Rings 2 with Final Fantasy Dimensions right after....I might be lost after that. Haha! At least by that time, I'll have a decent amount of console games to play! And the cycle continues! :)

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Re: RPG's for the iPad!
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Never played this and not sure if it qualifies, but it is adorable.

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