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Video Game Music Survey(s)
« on: January 08, 2013, 11:34:03 PM »
Howdy All, it's me again.

I wrote up a quick, general survey asking some questions about Video Game Music, and I would love to have you beautiful people take part in the survey. Pretty much what I'm asking is:

What makes Video Game Music Unique?
Can you spot it out from a group of music?

I gave one or two examples in the question help section underneath the prompt as to show possible ways about answering it, but please don't let it limit your responses to follow that frame of thought...let it it be a starting point. So in other words...even if both questions are general, you don't have to let your answers be! :)

Thank you for your time for reading, especially if you do take part of the survey. I'm not collecting personal information either, so it's a straight forward form submit without the strings. Also, depending on the success of this survey, there may be much more in the future that link the survey's together. Thanks again...

Video Game Music Survey 1 Link
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