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Agent D.

Maybe not, but again...look at what they have to put up with? Arrogant teens who carry more than a loaded ego. Crazy guys who spent months on the internet learning the chemical compositions of explosives and how to make home made detonators. Jesus-freaks who feel they need to clean the world of sin. My sister's moronic exboyfriend who walked around with a loaded handgun looking to act tough all the time. These kinds of threats  require more than a simple "cease and desist" from a single officer. Going beyond that, the sheer idea that walking into a situation with a guy who may have a gun on him and is high out of his mind is an average day for a police officer...poor judgement calls can be made, and stupid reactions to these judgement calls are sure to follow.

I'm basically not gonna blame police for being human, when people are the ones being fucking horrible. The fact that even one time a police officer will risk his life for a greater good trumps any bullshit action he may do. He doesn't have to, he could be a useless fuckhole selling weed to kids outside of a local highschool, or a corporate lacky firing 20% of his staff for a bigger paycheck...but instead he (and I realize I keep using he, I apologize for this, as there are many women in law enforcement too) goes out 5-6 days a week with a bullet proof vest on and looks for trouble in order to stop it. When was the last time one of us did that? I can safely say I don't  do that ever...though maybe I should. I'm tired of assholes ruining my neighborhood and all the good people living in it.

I'm sorry if I seem a bit edgy on this subject...I've just seen a lot of morons in my life who make being a police officer dangerous. I've alao has a gun pointed at me when I was in high the school. I would have given anything for a police officer to have been there...waan't a fun experience.



But you hear much more incidents of problematic police behavior than of gun toting psychopaths - it isn't that I am downplaying or unappreciative of the fact that the police are required to deal with extreme situations, rather, it is that I believe it to be problematic that they deal with EVERYTHING like it's an extreme situation. Need I mention the UCD pepper spraying incident, where some cop pepper sprayed students that were sitting down and making no threatening advances?

It is BECAUSE they are the peacekeepers that they should be held to a higher standard, and should be held accountable to their actions. Of course they deserve protection when some asshat threatens them with nonsensical force and/or litigation, but they shouldn't be allowed to roam the streets like cowboys and abuse their authority against people minding their own business, or use disproportionate response to certain situations. Like I said, while I'm sure there are some good people in the organization willing to make a difference and try to better the community, there are in equal number people who are just douchebags who want to go off on power trips. These people are causing problems for all.

Agent D.

It reminds me of MMO logic...never hear about the good tweaks and adjustments from players, only the bad ones are ever spoken about.


Desert Walker

My original point still remains valid:  If a civilian with a (legally owned) gun did the things that police have done because they believed it was necessary to defend themselves they would be in jail for it.  Furthermore, people would be screaming for more gun control laws as a result of it, even if it was an isolated incident.  Hell, they do anyway even though wrongful shootings by civilian concealed carriers are virtually non-existent even in areas where there is a high density of them.  Police should not get off without punishment when they do the same thing that would get a civilian 30 to life in jail because 'they're human' and it doesn't help matters that many departments are willing to cover up when these things do happen and punish whistle blowers, and it doesn't extend to just wrongful shootings. 

I read a few months back about a case where a cop was caught driving drunk in a police cruiser (slammed into another car) with a blood alcohol level of .24 and in spite of there being a hospital next door that could have done a blood draw the police that arrested him took him across town to a free clinic that conveniently didn't have anyone legally registered for the task at hand on hand which meant that the blood draw was inadmissible for use in court and another had to be taken eight hours later when they 'realized their mistake' and, unsurprisingly, his blood alcohol level was under the legal limit!  Guess what that means?  No drunk driving charge!  (the .24 reading was taken at the clinic.)  On the other hand, he is merely human and does work a stressful job for no pay.  Maybe getting hammered on the job is okay.

Seriously though, I don't think anyone is saying cops are bad until they do something good.  We're saying that there are police that behave badly and that them being let off the hook because their job is stressful is a problem and will lead to more bad cops.
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Agent D.

No one here is saying cops suck directly, but the tone of the posts all seem to lean towards a dislike for law enforcement. Maybe I'm just being negative.