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Author Topic: Bravely Second  (Read 2490 times)
This is the Monado's Powerbomb!
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Little did he know, the fall damage would KO him.


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« Reply #45 on: September 12, 2014, 04:43:53 PM »

Let it also be known how ANGRY direct sequels make me when a member from my former  Level 99 party can't get herself out of prison.  Agnes should take STANCE.... Be all "I'VE SLAIN GODS DAMMIT.  ALL DOORS SHOULD BE HALF THEIR HEIGHT SO PEOPLE MUST CRAWL IN ON THEIR KNEES TO SEE ME.  F*** THIS PRISON DETAIL, Y'ALL ARE DEAD TONIGHT"

How many games actually do that?
I hear LoH:TitS does it... and I can't even think of one other.

VP2 is one of the worst offender =/ I mean Lenneth CREATOR is one of the weakest character.

Technically VP2 is in a different timeline where Lenneth went and saved the future from Ganon. Likewise, Covenant of the Plume takes place in the timeline where Lenneth dies (assuming you were at all an asshat).

At least with FFX-2, Yuna does depower due to Summons no longer being a thing which was her thing in FFX. Too bad this does nothing to justify Rikku's depowerment. Even FFXIII-2 was better about it since Lightning starts the game with all six of her ATB segments (which does nothing to save her from disappearing off the face of the game or getting completely chumped off screen as an aside).

In my vision, I see that one of us is going to KO the other.
Iron Maw
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« Reply #46 on: September 18, 2014, 03:50:43 AM »

I think need to remember that Agnes has probably hasn't been fighting for 7 years. Her being Pope is pretty much just a high tier desk, so her being rusty from being out of combat so believable to me. Otherwise she wouldn't need guards.

Anyway on to other news:
TGS live demo demonstration!


-First off, dungeon design has been TOTALLY revamped! It's no long isometric or fairly drab looking and more atmospheric.
-The music (or what little i could hear) so pretty awesome, the new Asterisk Holder boss theme (I think) in particular sounds really intense. 
-Apparently there new class in the demo called Wizard (we couldn't see it's design though) which had some interesting new spells like Fire Mist (which seems to do continuous damage kinda of like poison) and Lightning Hammer.
-Did I mention that music is awesome?! :D
-Jean and Nikolas are definitely playable or at least temporally anyway.

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