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I'm hearing a lot of mixed things! Some impressions would be highly appreciated.

I'm really enjoying it.  The combat system is solid, there's just the right amount of character customization to make advancing your character interesting, the story of the main campaign is good.   

As far as I'm concerned, the only noteworthy cons are: 
  • The autosave only (checkpoint) save system.  This doesn't really bother me much personally but some people hate this so I mention it.  In a way it's a good
  • The official campiagn "Dead Man's Switch" is sort of short (about 12-13 hours) and very linear.  Only a few optional sidequests, and while you change influence how NPCs respond to you through conversation, don't expect any major C&C (i.e., there no multiple endings or divergent paths).  You'll also probably find it a bit too easy even on "very hard" setting if you're an experienced gamer.  However, you can make it substantially harder by taking less runners with you

Now I realize that those cons may be a dealbreaker for some, but I would argue this game is absolutely worth 20 bucks.  Because the game includes an editor, which gives Shadowrun Returns the potential for unlimited replay-ability.  Think of the Neverwinter Nights toolset, only  in Shadowrun's Universe.  Even the very linear official campaign is probably worth playing through a couple of times because of the many different ways to customize your character.   Because high level Kickstarter backers got early editor access, there's already several user generated campaigns available through Steam workshop.  I haven't really played them yet because I'm still on my second playthrough of Dead Man's Switch, but I hear they're pretty good.  And obviously many more will follow. 

All in all it's an awesome game, which can only get better as players create more adventures and as HBS patches it and eventually releases the Berlin DLC expansion.  Many of the people who are critical of this game seem to have unrealistic expectations: if you compare this to an AAA title, then yeah you may find the graphics subpar, the official campaign short, etc.  But for a $20 indie game, it's just phenomenal.  For what it's worth the professional reviews are averaging around 8/10.   When the Berlin expansion adds to it with some additional features it could be a 9/10. 
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Re: Shadowrun Returns
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The main campaign is definitely very short and probably about the 12 hours mark. I think the main raw of the game is the roleplaying system and having these tools to make your own campaigns and stories to share with other people. I definitely had the tabletop feel while I was playing this game and the character progression and roleplaying system was just fantastic. You just feel like you have so much control over how your character turns out and specializations. I would not recommend trying to branch out too much skill-wise anyways. But yeah, the games a ton of fun, I don't know if I'm going to have enough free time to delve into user-based content however.
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Nerco-posting to point out that Shadowrun Returns (Windows/Mac/Linux) is on sale at the Humble Store for $4.99 for the next 11 days.  I believe you get both a Steam Key and a DRM-free copy.  If for some reason you never bought this great cyberpunk / fantasy RPG, here's your chance to get it cheap. 

Also, Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut is out on September 18th.  Anyone who already owns the Dragonfall expansion gets it for free.  I'm really looking forward to it !
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Re: Shadowrun Returns
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Thanks for the info, I have been waiting to pick this up, but money has been tight lately, woo!
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Thankfully the Director's cut is a free update. I paid full price for this game too many times already only to wait for them to fix it...

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Been playing Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut since it came out.  I highly recommend; if you found "Dead Man's Switch" too linear, this is a more open ended RPG with lots of choices to make. If you liked SRR, you'll love this. 

I haven't played very far into the DC yet (as my usual style is to constantly restart RPGs with different builds until I decide which one I like most), but I can say that I really love the changes they made to the combat system. The fights are more challenging but it feels like you have more control over the outcome. Melee oriented characters are a lot more viable than they are in SRR. I'm trying out an adept and he's kicking ass, because he can run in there and flank an enemy in full cover.  Of course if I do something stupid like end my turn with him standing out in the open, he'll get slaughtered.