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Any PS Vita online co-op RPG's coming?

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A friend and I are currently playing through Dungeon hunter: Alliance and having a blast with it. Yeah, it offers NOTHING innovative, but it is fun online. The Vita's party chat app is amazingly easy to use with games. makes you wonder why something similar wasn't done with the PS3. Anyway, I know Dragon's Crown is coming, and Soul Sacrifice. What we're looking for is a good 2 player online RPG where you get to play the whole campaign with another person. Not one that throws in lame online co-op extras. Also need one that doesn't punish you with abnormally hard enemies if you're only playing with 2 people and not 4. Are either of these games like that or are there any others ones already out or coming soon? Ruin was the first game that piqued my interest in a Vita, but apparently that isn't coming out in the U.S. Even good online-multiplayer co-op RPG's for the PS3 and 360 have dwindled to nothing. Ah well, the new Dead Island comes out in a month.

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Phantasy Star Online 2... hopefully.

Wonder if there will be a monthly charge for it? I don't think the original had a monthly charge, did it?

Agent D.:
Ragnarok Oddysey from what I can tell is like PSO set in medieval times.


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