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Since we're now three episodes strong, Stephen and I figured it was time to make a thread for Rhythm Encounter. Feel free to discuss our latest topics here, give us suggestions/feedback, share your fond (or not-so-fond) memories, or whatever you like!

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Our most recent episode, Flights of Phantasy, is a look at the classic Phantasy Star series. Please listen and let us know what you think!

I listened and I think it's just swell.

So, if anyone is interested-- please do feel free to offer suggestions for music you'd like to hear, topic ideas, and anything else in this thread. If I don't hear anything, you're going to keep getting topics that fascinate me and Derek :)

Getting caught up now that I'm up to speed on Random Encounter, so I've only run through the first episode. Right now, the only suggestion I have is it'd be rad to have the same theme, but remixed differently. Like, given a more classical treatment, if at the same tempo, or straight piano - just to make it more of a different show, but still very much linked to its parent, right? That'd be slick. Get back to you as more comes to me, but still, good start, gents!

Thanks a ton for the feedback! And I'm glad you pointed that out-- that was an idea I wanted to try to expand on too! You'll see it a teeny bit in episode 3, and if you have any suggestions for a theme you'd like to see us do this with, please let us know! I hope you enjoy the rest :)

And because I thrive on ego alone, be sure to rate and/or review us on iTunes :)


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