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Author Topic: [Review] Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)  (Read 466 times)
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« on: April 08, 2013, 03:52:23 PM »

Hey hello 'n welcome to my biggest review about Super Mario Galaxy, this game is big and you can play the game all the time when you bored and want to do something on your Nintendo wii the next generation Nintendo game console. The game is just Mario 64 game on Nintendo 64, but this time on the outer space to rescue the lovely and sweety princess Peach from the evil hands of Bowser, the King of all koopa's. There is nomore seven koopalings on Super Mario Galaxy. Okay here we go about the review!

The story is just the same like always, Bowser comes with his Airship and kidnapped Peach. Want to start at the beginning on the story how the game started right now. The game starts on by telling the story about the comet that will appears every one sentury (100 years), there falls something to the Muschroom castle and Peach found that one star who lost from the outer space. Peach send the letter to Mario to celebrate the comet party, but when Mario want to arrive at the castle and there comes Bowser with his Airship to kitnapping princess Peach and Mario trying to get into the castle to save the princess. But there comes spaceship to cut the bottom of the castle and take the castle to outer space. Mario is almost there at the castle, but there comes helper of Bowser to blast Mario off board and Mario falls into the little planet. Mario have some help from the mother of the stars she called herself Rosalina to rescue the princess Peach once again from Bowser and he must collect the stars to save the princess from Bowser!
The graphics on the game is just perfect like the real movie, but don't be confused from that the movie is. Because this is the game that we can play on ours Nintendo wii, the animations of graphics and physics are perfectly great to see it. You can see every actions on the perfect graphics and with the combination of physics are greatly done from the developers and programmers of the Super Mario Galaxy game. Shigeru Miyamoto is the perfect director of Nintendo and with his newest and perfection will Nintendo growing bigger and bigger.
With this programming of the games will come great with this game and I want to give for this graphics and physics 10.
The gameplay of the game is great to play, also the game is easy to play 'n understand with the control of the game. There is no need to press the buttons so much, because you can swing with you remote controller and walk with the analog stick of nunchuck. If you want to jump and far jump there is only to press the buttons, out of that no need to press the buttons and only need to swing with the remote controller. The control at the space is the newest revolution with Mario games at the first time that we get the other experience about the controller and Mario have new action from the Luma who is come to Mario from Rosalina. That start called Luma gives to Mario a new swing power to beat his enemies and king Bowser to save the princess. World is now outer space and you must beat every tent at Rosalina's spaceship if you complete every tent with maximum stars to collect on every tent, then you can beat the game at 100% and you can beat the game on every ammount star collecting that showned on the platue where Rosalina stands on. Then the princess and mother of all comet want to open the road to fight against the final boss Bowser to rescue his love. With that some new gameplay is on the either, you can also collecting the star chips to open the new galaxy and with that star chips you can stun your enemies either to beat them easier. So your adventure is easier then before!

Music on some planets are great, some music is classic from the NES and SNES games of Super Mario Bros to Super Mario World games. Also there is Bowser stage music from Super Mario 64, but this time more remastered music on the levels. There is sound important part on the game either and that's awesome to hear with the combinations of the music and there I have no recomenting about and I give it 9/10 because they can talk on the game. I heart them on some moments to talk with Mario and sometimes they say only "hello" or "why" and then they are silenced. There must taken more work on it. So please watch me mistakes and recover that one before you sell the game and then I bet that more fans of Nintendo loves the game!
There is some new powers on the game that Mario can use it to make his adventure on outer space easier and handy to survive. There is some powers that I can write about it, with the power of Bee can you fly at the planet where you are and there is meter if the meter is empty then you can´t fly till you´re landed on the ground and don´t land on the water because there you lost that power and you must take the new one. Rainbow star there you can take this power and Mario is the rainbow Mario and no one can take Mario down for 10 seconds. Boo power, with that can Mario transforming into the ghost named Boo and then can he become invisible. Ice power gives Mario to shoot some ice and makes the water ice, then can Mario on the ice and not on the water. Fire flower gives Mario the fire power and I don´t need to explain that one, because we know that from NES so just we know about it and the last power if jump power and what can Mario jump everytime he land and if you press on the A button and then can Mario jumping very high. There is one thing with jump power, hard to control it.
Game quality is great and I don't need to explain you much about, so please enjoy the game and you'll see what I mean about it. Music, sound, graphics, physics and everything is perfection on this game and we can call this like perfect CFell (Dragonball Z) says always and I say it about this game if you want to read "Super Mario Galaxy is the ultimate perfection" so there is need to worry about it if you say I have the game, because there is more challenge then before. there is three different stars to collect and they are Power star, Comet star and Grand star. But there is something new on the game, there is some new features and that is opening the newest planet on the stage where you are and at the world map to get the new missions! The last star called grand start you can have that one from the Bowser and at the start of the game...

Conclusion: There is no worry if you want to buy and you say later about that game is suck, you're wrong if you think that about that game. Because there is more to do on the game and you have not beaten the game 100% not so easily done, because you must to get the comet star, must to some hardest mission on it. So if you say it's easy to beat that game, why don't you try it on yourself and you'll see about it that the game is easy or hard to beat. So if you get the game and you're really more than 100 hours busy!

»Positive points!«
 + Everything is perfect.
 + Collecting three different stars.
 + Newest princess appears and her name is Rosalina!
 + Opening newest galaxy and new missions.
 + New powers and swing action.
 + Classic 'n modern soundtracks.
 + New way to the gameplay.
 + Collecting star chips is new feature.
»Negative points!«
 - Some levels are hard to play.
 - Mistakes is easy to get now then before!
 - Some galaxy is annoying.
 I want to give that game 9.5 out of 10, this game is great and awesome!
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« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2013, 04:33:50 PM »

I hope English isn't your main language.
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« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2013, 04:36:25 PM »

Hey - be nice.

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« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2013, 04:42:26 PM »

Hey hello 'n welcome to my biggest review about Super Mario Galaxy, this game is big and you can play the game all the time when you bored and want to do something on your Nintendo wii the next generation Nintendo game console.

Hey, hello and welcome to my biggest review about Super Mario Galaxy. This game is big. You can play it all the times whenever you are bored and want to do something with your Nintendo Wii (the previous generation Nintendo game console).

I'm just saying it's not a smooth reading.

There is no worry if you want to buy and you say later about that game is suck, you're wrong if you think that about that game.

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« Reply #4 on: April 08, 2013, 05:23:43 PM »

Hi new user,

Reviews generally aren't thought of as the best message board material. If you'd like people to read them, maybe you could link them in your sig? I'm sure you'd see the potential problem if every user started posting up reviews of every game on the boards - it'd be anarchy. In the future it would be much appreciated if you would delegate your reviews to a link to your personal site/blog in your signature.

Thanks for your cooperation,
The management

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