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Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn

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Doesn't look like this thread is very active. I play on the Cactuar server, anyone else here on Cactuar? My name in-game is Erade Malaran.

Spoony Mage:
I won't lie.  The new 4.2 trailer made me hard.  So much FF6 nostalgia!  :O

I've been trying to avoid getting back into FFXIV because of finances and an upcoming move to another state, but damn that trailer is tempting me.  I'm not even that deep into SB yet. ;_;


--- Quote from: Apophis on July 13, 2017, 10:57:35 PM ---Switched to Samurai, got to level 70. Need to get my Ninja to 70 now.

Here is my SAM.

--- End quote ---

NIN is a ton of fun, it's what I main usually. It plays so fast and really rewards you if you can jam in hotkey combos (weapon skillchains, mudras, etc.), and keep uo your buffs and enfeebles on enemies. Plus some of the coolest armor in the game. I've been wanting to try out SAM since stormblood came out, but haven't had the time, looks like it would also be pretty fun but I have a hard time accepting the long DPS roulette queues :-(

what server is everyone from?


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