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Re: super robot wars topic
« Reply #270 on: March 11, 2017, 01:01:48 AM »
Quick search brought me a bunch of 00/Seed Astray-level mechs, which is pretty good, but with a few too many random pointy bits that serve no purpose other than to fuck with my eyes when I'm tired. =P

Hence why I said 'pretty good' and not 'Grrrreat!'. And 'pretty good' is a fair assessment compared to some of the blockier giant robots out there like Might Gain or Godmars (although Branpresto actually got some good mileage out of the plastic bricks that comprised Godmars).

You know, I get that most giant robots are at least in part made to sell toys, but Godmars is one of the only ones I've seen that looks like an actual honest to God toy. It's like it was a children's plaything designed strictly to be sold on shelves across Japan everywhere, and then somehow blown up into the behemoth we know it as. Say what you will about Gundam, (I WANT TO SELL THIS GUNDAM) but at least the mechs look like they could possibly be somewhat feasible. Whereas Godmars might as well be an action figure come to life.

The only one I've seen come close was God Sigma. Hell, thanks to Z2's Two Earths setup, my headcanon was that it was an Earth 1/Earth 2 deal, with Godmars being the newer more refined version (one pilot, robot made by space aliens,) and Sigma being the older 'original' version. (Three pilots, robot made by human hands.) Nevermind that both of their sets of attacks had intentionally crappy animations. When you think about it, it makes a strange kind of sense.

(not from either Godmars nor Godsigma)

...I stand corrected. Also, where the heck is that gloriously goofy thing from?