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The comic books thread. What's your fave? Marvel? DC? Top Cow?

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I'm sure plenty of us here at the 'fan love comic books.  What are some comics you like and why?  What genres do you like?  Superhero?  Sci-fi? Fantasy?  

Do you have a favorite publisher?  Among the big two, do you prefer DC or Marvel?  Or do you lean toward alternate publishers like Top Cow, Dark Horse, and the like?  Do you visit comic book stores in your neighborhood?  How are they?  There are multiple near me and I think I've found the one that I really like and will loyally frequent.  

Among the big two, I prefer Marvel.  DC does some excellent stuff, but Marvel stokes my fire much more.  Growing up, I preferred "Spider-friends" to "Super-friends" and when I was first introduced to X-men, that was it for me.  Storm is still my favorite comic book character.  I just recently read the 2011 Marvel/Crossgen reboot of Sigil and I dug it; the art style was vivid and Samantha Rey was a cool protagonist.  I hope the series continues beyond this initial 4-comic story arc, but I kinda doubt it.

EDIT (whoa, time warp!)- lately, the more I've been reading and delving into more comics by the big two, I find myself favoring DC over Marvel lately.  Like, there's more DC stuff that I want to buy than Marvel stuff.  Like Trinity of Sin: Pandora, Worlds' Finest

I also recently read the first four issues of Ascension (published by Top Cow) and I love the art style and am getting into it, but I read that the series is unfinished due to low sales.  Too bad, because it's good.  I especially love the vivid art style.  

So, yeah, let's talk comic books.  

I'm more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan, and that's 95% because DC's 90s cartoons (Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Justice League, Batman Beyond, Static Shock) were way better than anything Marvel produced.  The only current DC books I follow are Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and recently Superman Unchained, but all of those are excellent and I recommend them wholeheartedly.  DC also still runs the Vertigo imprint; Vertigo is probably my favorites comics label of all time.  My favorite DC character of all time is Batman, but I also have immense appreciation for Nightwing (especially Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder's runs on him in 2009-2011), Wonder Woman (GEORGE PEREZ GREG RUCKA GAIL SIMONE!!!!!1!1!!111) and Animal Man (original Grant Morrison series and subsequent Vertigo comics).  

My favorite Marvel books now are probably Superior Spider-Man, Wolverine & The X-Men (Logan as headmaster of a new mutant school) and All-Female X-Men (self-explanatory), but there's some good stuff going on right now.  Favorite Marvel character of all time is probably Beast.  I'd explain Superior Spider-Man to you guys, but those of you not in the know would probably flip a shit.  (major spoilers).  Seriously, I don't even want to talk about Superior Spider-Man unless you already know the twist.

In terms of stuff I collect in trades, I'm currently reading American Vampire by Scott Snyder, Saga by Brian K. Vaughan, and The Unwritten by Mike Carey.  I also recently finished Irredeemable by Mark Waid.  Those four are probably the best comics I've read in the past two years.  I'll talk about those four here, because they don't receive NEARLY as much attention as mainstream DC and Marvel stuff and I'm always eager to talk about them.  

American Vampire - with episodes set in the 1880s, 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s (I'm only at volume 3), American Vampire chronicles the lives of Pearl Jones and Skinner Sweet, two new-species vampires born in different eras of American history.  The underworld is dominated by a rule of European vampires of Dracula's ilk, while Pearl and Skinner are day-walking terrors with new powers and weaknesses, having been turned under unusual circumstances on American soil.  The old vampires view them as abominations, Skinner wants to live a hard and fast un-life, and Pearl just wants to be left alone.  American Vampire is some the best vampire fiction out there.  

The Unwritten - Tom Taylor is the son of legendary fantasy author Winston Taylor, whose Tommy Taylor books (an obvious send-up of Harry Potter) are the most popular books in the world.  Tom Taylor has lived under his father's shadow and made a living speaking at conventions, but resents his father for his rough upbringing.  Eventually Tom and some allies unearth a literary conspiracy spanning millennia and discover that they can use the spells in the Tommy Taylor books as long as there are enough believers in the magic of fiction.  It's pretty incredible.  

Saga - this is the series that BKV allegedly wanted to make all his life, and I think it's his best work since Y: The Last Man (one of the best comic books of the past twenty years).  Set in an interstellar war between two species, one of which is technologically advanced and the other of which is shamanistic and able to wield magic powers.  Alana and Marko, soldiers from opposite sides, fall in love and try to raise the first known inter-species child ever conceived.  Saga is an excellent space opera that I implore you check out.  

Irredeemable - what if Superman totally snapped?  Legendary writer Mark Waid (author of Tower of Babel, Kingdom Come, and some groundbreaking material for Flash and Daredevil, among others) creates a rich universe of unique superheroes, with the all-powerful Plutonian front and center.  Plutonian is similar to Superman, with senses capable of detecting any sight or sound on earth and a myriad of incredible, nigh-invincible powers.  "Tony" grows sick of all the criticism, ridicule, and opposition that superheroes receive, so he loses his goddamn mind, murders most of his former teammates and adversaries, and starts erasing entire nations.  Irredeemable is a superhero drama among superhero dramas, with superheroes, supervillains, armies, aliens, and extradimensional beings all teaming up to stop the one that used to be the greatest of them all.  I recently finished the series (which ended in early 2012) and it's amazing.  

So does any of that sound good to you?  Check them out!  The more people that read those four books, the better I feel about comics.  

Knights of the Dinner Table

As far as DC and Marvel go I'm off the map. I have The Killing Joke and Days of Future Passed waiting for me here.


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American Vampire

The Unwritten

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These all sound really interesting.  I just might have to check them out.  American Vampire seems the most interesting to me, since I'm intrigued by Skinner's character.  When it comes to vampires, I always liked the "apex predator" type vampires best.  

EDIT: I'm also interested to find out more about female comic book writers, especially women who pen superhero comics.  That's definitely a comic book subgenre that's lacking that perspective. I'm definitely digging Becky Cloonan's work.  I really like her art style.  Wolves is really intense and I definitely want to read East Coast Rising, because I'm amused by the concept of punk pirates. 

I'm a Marvel guy. Well I was but I stopped buying regularly around 10 years ago. I've bought a couple of X-men and various other titles over the last few years but I don't know what the hell is going on and its gotten way too expensive in my opinion to collect and follow storylines that cross over into 3 or 4 other titles.
Anyway, I followed the X books mostly in the 90's with favorites being the big events like Xecutioners Song and The Age of Apocalypse. I also followed Spidey, Punisher and the other staples. The What If? Books were fun and I also read Deaths Head but that one was a Marvel UK book and tricky to find.
 I had some good collectables for a while including all 5 covers of The Xmen no.1 reboot, Spawn no.1, XForce no. 1 as well as the the last issue of New Mutants. First appearance of Venom, War Zone no.1... I forget the rest.
I sold off all my comics a few years back and I reaaaaally regret it.


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