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Author Topic: Photon: The Idiot Adventure, a Review.  (Read 4788 times)
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« on: March 08, 2006, 04:02:15 PM »

I recently watched Photon: The Idiot Adventures (1997) again and wow, it was just as funny as I remember. More fanservice, though. seriously, this series is titties titties titties.

The series is only six episodes long, each episode about 45 minutes, but it packs alot in there. The story they're trying to tell is pretty much explained well enough for this filthy gaijin to understand, and I was confused during astroboy.

The main character, Photon Earth, is a rad little dude with weird trapezoidal eyes. he's borderline retarded, but a very sweet and kind fellow. I think he was raised by wolves, or perhaps libertarians.

Trapezoidal Doors to his Soul

Photon is super strong, and tough as a sack full of hammers, despite having noodle arms like a tanned Bart Simpson. He's only 3 feet tall, but his wife is like 7 feet . he's a player, and ends up with a harem. The best part about photon is he talks like he has a serious mental block. But it's still charming to EVERY GIRL.

Impressive,  but how many reps can you do?

There's this other character, Papachariino Nanadan, whom everyone calls Papacha, which sounds like Papa John, who is clearly the most important character in anime, ever.  He is a space badguy who just oozes sexuality and charmingness, no really, nobody doesn't want this guy's hot dickings.

Papa John

Even when wrapped in bandages, this guy is all cock, and here is a sequential of him throwing his henchman, Pochi, that outlines this phenomenon.

The Wind Up

The Throw

The Release

The plot revolves around some kind of moon princess named Keyene Aqua.  Well, she's not a princess, but the daughter of a noble (or is she!?!?!?!?!), who starts the show off by getting naked and cutting her panties in half, which somehow wards off Papa John for the time being.  

Papa John's only weakness is bisected panties.

You may notice in the first space battle scene that a permanent marker falls out of Keyne's crazy Moon Spaceship. Well it turns out that this permanent Marker becomes a bit of a holy relic on Tattooine, er, that is to say "Sandy Planet".  Makes perfect sense to me!

O, Fortuna

In a temple devoted to the Holy Permanent Marker is where we first encounter our hero, Photon Earth. He sleeps in a crate that his friend's sister gave him, because he loves big breasts.

Remember, Kids, No means No

there's a bunch of stuff about Mako, er, Ahou, Energy, and anti Ahou energy, which is all self contained within this series' 6 episodes, which at first seems short, but it is, I think, perfect, because too much of a good thing turns into Dragonball Z real fast.  Here's some more Papa John!

The True Hero of All Animu ^__^

I rate photon five(5) markers out of Five (5).


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« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2006, 10:50:51 PM »


I'm gonna see that now.

Thank you, Davey-Chan.  .___.;;;;

(ps that review made me lol)

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