Author Topic: Decided to give a computer RPG a try

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Re: Decided to give a computer RPG a try
« Reply #15 on: November 10, 2013, 06:19:03 PM »
the thing with PC RPGs is that it's not really a type of game you can identify. When you talk consoles, it's clear when a game is a jRPG, or a tactical RPG, or a wRPG.  But PCs doesn't have the same 'categorization'.  For example, there are very few jRPGs.  Instead you have many types that sometimes mix.  Do you prefer action/twitch? do you prefer one character or party based? do you prefer open world or more story-guided? Do you prefer a tactical view or 1st/3rd person?  There are many games of every type in the PC, as development costs are smaller (except for AAA games and they're usually cross-platform with consoles), developers can take more risks, can be more adventurous. And now you have Kickstarter which has opened an even bigger box, resurrecting RPG types that were considered dead (turn based, party based games mostly)