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Author Topic: A Game Journal Reborn  (Read 469225 times)
Klyde Chroma
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« Reply #5730 on: August 23, 2016, 06:56:32 PM »

Maybe just in the wrong mood to be playing VI? Haha

I do dislike parties being split up/having to use party members other than my usual team. Maybe that's contributing here! Though IV has a bit of that too.

I totally get this ^^.

FF6 is by far my favorite Final Fantasy. Let me get that out of the way so this doesn't come across wrong.

Simply put, they took out a TON of the charm, tone and feelz of the predecessors with 6. I don't care how much 6 "looks" like any other SNES era turn based title with a fantasy setting, it will never quite feel like the others. I mean, if in FF1 and FF4 you turned em on and wondered/expected to encounter a magical group of fairies to aid you on your quest you might wonder/expect to see the lot of em go extinct in FF6. <--- This is the best way I can describe the differential in how 6 makes me feel and it is not a matter of the maturity of the script alone. It is the total package. In a way, 6 foreshadowed the evolution of the franchise from high fantasy to sci fantasy for me personally and I feel like you can almost catch a glimpse of that.

Regardless (because obviously everything I've stated is highly subjective) no one can argue that tonally FF6 is not in the same realm as the titles that came before it.

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« Reply #5731 on: August 23, 2016, 10:40:16 PM »

Suikoden - Up to the Elf Village. idk why they're being jerks. it's not Suikoden's elf v human conflict is parable for nuclear proliferation or anything.

Also discovered that if I want to play older PC Legend of Heroes stuff comfortably, I'm going to need to set up a Windows 10 VM on my Windows 10 PC so I can force the to run in a Window/use my laptop for dictionary fun. To clarify, I can't run them windowed normally, and I can't screenshot them for some reason, so checking a dictionary would be problematic. Also true of Sorcerian to a lesser extent, although I CAN screenshot /the text/ and nothing else in that.

ALSO discovered that Artdink made some Oldtimey Japanese Merchant sim that... looks very Lunatic Dawn/Atlas-ish but I don't think you can buy it anywhere now.
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