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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
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Looking forward to it personally. Even though Valflame (by the way that name really bothers me now that the official translation for the Crusader is Fjalar- names being changed a bit I can handle, but the thing was called Falaflame in Japan so now its name makes no real sense) doesn't have its massive Mt from its original game, Arvis is a pretty interesting unit with his massive RES to active its double ploy effect (plus his inbuilt C slot ploy skill). If they release some more ploy skills via sacred seals it turns him in a really powerful debuff unit. That's without mentioning how he's just a really good Red Tome just on his own, and aside from allowing him ever more flexibility in a healer support role, the Recover Ring can also synergize well with the omnipresent Fury which pushes his stats even higher. He's just a really flexible unit overall (and is another nice middle finger to daggers which are still waiting for some kind of buff).

Also yeah, Ayra and Sigurd both have +5 BST like villager units do, which is pretty clear power creep. It makes it so that Sigurd has a higher BST than normal infantry despite having a pony to ride around on. That's without accounting for the fact both of them have two very powerful exclusive skills. Oddly enough, Deirdre, Arvis, and Arden all don't have that bonus BST. The only other units that have it were the two CYL winners (BIke and Bow Lyn), but most people assumed that was just a special case.

Also you guys are underselling Arden, he's awesome. Because of his guaranteed Quad it means you can make his dream come true by sticking Galeforce on him and giving him an armor march. Watch him zoom across the map and delete two units for you.