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I feel like a topic like this is long, long overdue (and I've been meaning to make it for like a year now).  It's clear we're more than just RPG gamers, but sometimes it's hard to initiate topics for "small news" between all sorts of game genres and platforms.  So POST away!  I guess this is kinda like the "Today's News" topic but for gaymz.

So yay!  We got VGX tomorrow, maybe we'll see/hear cool stuff there.

But also want to share this:
This looks amazing and like a bit of a throwback to those sort of those large-sprited 2D games you'd see (I like calling them "HD-2D") like Elemental Gimmick Gear....but with quite the artistic imagination.  I'm sad it didn't hit its first round of goals because this looks fantastic (especially compared to the gold-striking "Soul Saga" whose creative reservoir is about as deep as a puddle and soaked in Final Fantasy "inspiration").


This got posted as well and it looks trad RPG enough despite it being a smartphone game.

Also that dragon sure looks like Bahamut.

Also also, the only reason why I'm bothering with today's VGX is because Nintendo's going to be there and I feel they're going to actually announce something. The rest of the show though can go shill up a rope.

Fuck you Cranky Kong

I can't believe my twitter feed right now. People actually thought Nintendo was going to announce a new title? At VGX instead of on Nintendo Direct? Not watching VGX but from what I hear about Cranky Kong gameplay, I'm actually less interested in Tropical Freeze than I was originally. So, good job Nintendo?

I'm watching VGX and taking notes for "How NOT to make jokes".  Because holy ass, it's so so so bad.

I think even the interviewers were underwhelmed since they were also asking for more.


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