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For the final couple of battles you may want to consider Uranus.  She has Light Veil which blocks attacks from the furthest range...which the last boss always sits at (hint hint!).  Oh, Pluto has the same move I think as well, so that would fit your style!

Never used Jupiter, most of the game I ran Mars, Neptune and Chronos.  Neptune cause I enjoyed the health boost, haha.  But I swapped Chronos for Uranus and that was it for me.

Haha, I did the same thing with triangle!  For the first half of the game, which caused some unnecessary stress.

Yup, I would buff and then throw everything you've got.  So long as you out damage the heal you'll be good.  I recall Phantom having too much health, you just might wipe it in a single full attack.  And don't fret berserking your demon and running out of stuff, your Paladin taking hits for the team and you guys attacking should be enough to keep the berserk going.

I agree about the whistle, but that and Force Guard, coupled with Dark Veil (from Pluto) will make the last boss manageable; rather than frustrating.  And consider it this way, with those types of buffs in place, they're wasting one of their actions and you still have four more from your team!  Not a bad trade :)

Let me know how it goes!


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« Reply #46 on: May 09, 2014, 04:53:37 AM » grinded for a couple hours before even trying again...I figured I would level up some demons I wanted to use that were low level (Hermes mainly).  After thinking about it I decided the best combo for my party's pure offense would be Mars, Hermes, Pluto and that's what I used.  Then I tried using the 2 artifact gems I had with a gem+1 and loading until I got something good....and when I got a set of gems with Carnage EX I thought "oh that sounds like that could do the trick" so I grabbed that one.

Then I bought lots of sword gems and used the swords as fodder to upgrade the Demon Slayer to +29 so it had 376 attack...and I got a Elder Mattock+22 also with 376 atk (lucky drop at a circle).  Put those on Gazer with dual wield (got lucky and found this a long time ago).  

Then I finally said ok lets do a dry run and see what turn he does the position change on and what turns he does the heals on.  I was fully intending to just do defense and buffs until the first heal but....on the 1st turn mars did about 3300 with one hit and I thought "oh.....maybe I should press this afterall." Then Mars did it again the next turn for another 3300 (it wasn't even in rage) or so and I landed Jupiter Bane with Gazer and dual magic quad bolt with my wizard (mars died during this turn after attacking lol).  Then 3rd turn I set my Gazer and my Samurai to carnage EX but the Gazer at least didn't even get to do his cause it died after one wimpy hit from something (prob my wimpy samurai).  So got killed really badly lol.  Mars wins again

also I was wrong about what assasin skill I had, the one I've had since the start of the game is sneak attack lol.  
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Random Number Generator for the win!!  The last couple times I tried the last couple of bosses, my Mars decided to kill every fly buzzing around the boss instead.  Although, I'm sure a berserk demon swing chainsaws around nailing flies with perfect accuracy was verrrrrrrrry scary!

Now you have the Aegis Shield and your Paladin will be nice and extra beefy during Devotion! 


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Beat the final boss on my first try.  I guess I overdid it on preperation after that other boss.  :P 

3 chars in front doing concentration to bane skills
wizard doing either fast cast > multi-hit or quad bolt.  holy shield if needed.
Healer doing heals and holy shield.

Mars died so I brought out Hermes who was doing some good damage too. 

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Nice!!  Congrats!

What's our next game?  Haha


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I'm doing the postgame now.  Fought Aries for the 1st time(she ran away like demons all do on 1st encounter).  I guess you can get new demons in the postgame....maybe. 

Next for me is probably battle princess of arcadias next month though.  I also have steins gate I havent started and I wanna get the new kirby game :p


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Defeated Quasar the final postgame boss.  Other than a couple item gathering quests I think that's it.  So rare for me to actually beat the last postgame boss in dungeon crawler (or disgaea).  It's usually too much of a grind so I say screw it.  
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Yea I just watched a video (one of the few on youtube for this game) of Quasar.

I normally leave post game stuff for a later revisit to the game (too much I want to play!).  Etrian 4 and this game were some of the few recent rpgs I played that I wanted to go straight into the post bosses.  But I was pretty tired of grinding gear for Demon Gaze and really didn't want to grind in E4.

I think I'm gonna finish up Mana Khemia and do some more work on Persona 2 IS.  Up until Mind/Zero later this month (crosses fingers on quality).


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I never beat the final postgame boss in EO3 or 4.  The Demon Gaze postgame is pretty short though. It only took me 10 extra hours and most of that wasn't grinding for Quasar specifically.  It was mostly going through that side dungeon with all the floors (forget the name).  By the time I got to Quasar he was beatable I didn't have to go back to town.  He beat me the first 2 times but it wasn't too bad.  Then I had a good plan figured out and killed him in about 6 turns
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