Author Topic: Need help with... A HYPOTHETICAL

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Need help with... A HYPOTHETICAL
« on: January 27, 2014, 02:10:49 PM »
Weird question, but I'm cooking my brain trying to think of something "real good" here.

I have to do a written critique of a paper.

The paper is about a black fella who had his murder charges dropped. 

Shorty was a black man who worked a backstage role for a circus troupe in the early 1900s, Canada.  He and his troupe were passing through a small Ontario town to entertain when he was accused for the murder of a fellow black co-worker.  After much deliberation, the charges were dropped against him.  Yay!  A surprising turn of events for the early 1900s to acquit a minority of something as heinous as the murder of a fellow man.  The author of the paper gives a few reasons:
(a) He's black, and at the time it was considered as part of their "nature" by the people to be "savage" or as lesser beings.
(b) The town was trying to keep up a good impression, they were an up and coming tourist town so they wouldn't want someone unrelated to the town (ie; he's part of the troupe, not the township).
(c) The circus itself!  Things are so whacky and topsy-turvy that such a "crazy happenings" just kinda illustrate and fall into the whacky things you'd somewhat expect out of a circus -- it's so ungrounded in reality after all.  The idea of a court case regarding members of the circus almost turned into a spectacle on its own.

The true irony is that circus' are actually well planned and thought out.  But anyways.  I'm trying to address more race issues being under-valued than the third point, (c) that states that "the court is like a circus" where even the verdict was to be unexpected.

I know this has been a long read.  By I need a good hypothetical or even a metaphor that can help illustrate this.
One [bad] example I thought up was "courts can also be like a chef's kitchen: You wear a special apron (judges have their garb), you're trying to impress a jury (or guests), and there's an order to how you do things and procedures to follow (or follow a recipe)".  But just because they're alike, doesn't necessarily mean we can link them like that.

Anyone wanna give it a shot?
If I was vague on anything, let me know... I know there are some awesome wordsmiths here though.

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