Author Topic: 15 Years with Final Fantasy VIII  (Read 2152 times)


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15 Years with Final Fantasy VIII
« on: February 20, 2014, 01:25:13 PM »
Making of Final Fantasy VIII

Narration is in French. When the developers talk, it's dubbed in English.*


Earlier this week Final Fantasy VIII celebrated its 15th anniversary since its release in Japan in February 1999. Continuing Final Fantasy VII‘s legacy of weaving cinematics throughout the game, Final Fantasy VIII sought to take things to the next level by creating characters that expressed themselves with a never-before-seen realism. In addition to more "human" characters, Squaresoft devised a more human plot — opting for a more romantic and intimate tale than high adventure.

In this TV special that aired in France before the localized version launched in North America and Europe, we see key Final Fantasy VIII staff — many of which working on current and future entries in the series, explain their development philosophy for the game. Developments in technology that lead to increased graphical fidelity allowed for breakthroughs in expressing a story through pre-rendered cinematics and with the in-game models themselves.

Final Fantasy VIII went on to become one of the best selling entries in franchise history, and was ported to the PC by Eidos after release. Square Enix later re-released the PlayStation version on PlayStation Network and the PC version on Steam this past year.

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