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The Guided Fate Cross Thesis
« on: March 04, 2014, 08:39:43 AM »
As one might expect from the title, this game is a sequel to The Guided Fate Paradox and a spiritual successor to ZHP.

It's for PS3.
In English:


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Nice, I enjoyed the first one.  Hopefully it gets localized, though I don't think the first sold well for NISA.


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Eh, I'd be very VERY cagey about picking this one up. To the point where I'd watch a full YouTube playthrough of it first before remotely considering.

GFP was a huge step down compared to it's predecessor. The writing fell in completely below par, the story on all counts ignore the theme it tried to 'scream' that it had every step of the way, and the ending was both hastily and poor constructed. Original end Mass Effect 3 had far less loose threads and bad decisions. :-\ Mechanically it fails to hit it out of the park as well. (With some good exceptions such as the Burst mode and the summonable equipment sets.) The stat-curve was clunky, equipment in general felt more of an annoyance than a boon, the number of bonus features took a hit, and to top it off NISA outright LIED about what the game could do during their preview stream.

GFP was about 'Guiding Fate'; which equated to basically doing nothing and letting fate happen as it would've anyway.
GFCT claims to be about 'Ultimate Choice'; which pretty much means it's going to be a linear experience with some minor dialog changes depending on which girl you think has the prettier color scheme.

Needless to say, they've got a lot to prove before I believe this game has any credibility.



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I wondered how they were able to rush a second game out this quickly. That explains it. Gone are the gorgeous sprite models that drew people to NIS' style. In are lazy, half-***ed 3D Chibified CGI versions with over compensation on the cell shading to cover the lack of effort. These people are way too impressed about being able to attack diagonally too. :-\

Speaking of dumbed down.

Famitsu reports that the game will be much easier to play than before...

Sprite appeal? Gone.
Difficulty appeal? Gone.

So thus far this game has...nothing going for it. Which is a damn shame. I really wanted this one to pick up the slack of its lackluster compatriot; not grind the ZHP legacy into the mud.
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Re: The Guided Fate Cross Thesis
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New info, if anyone's interested.

Apparently, there's more than one major choice.  They're apparently trying for grey morality.  I think, when NIS does it right, they can hit grey pretty well (Soul Nomad, anyone?), but they're going to need to take a step back from the overt humor they've been using in more recent games.

I like the new MC's design, but everything else seems a bit over-the-top.


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I don't know anything about this game and never considered getting it at all.

But if it's anything like Soul Nomad's demon path, I am so 'in'.


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From the things I've read about Witch and the Hundred Knight, that's far closer to Soul Nomad's demon path than this will be.


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I think the quality of it's 'morality' element will really depend on who's writing for this one. If it's the same head writer as Guided Fate Paradox then dig a hole and bury your expectation bar in it. The team from GFP couldn't even begin to describe grey (or any form of complexity really) if you stuck them in a fog bank smack dab in the middle of Silent Hill and shoved a dust bunny right under their nose. If it's fresh blood, then there's still some hope for it.

Not really a fan of the Option 1 or Option 2 system when it comes to grey-ground storytelling though. Even Catherine really had a hard time creating polarizing scenarios. And that had the benefit of a much better work team and better source material. But, again, if they've got someone new working on the plot this go I'm willing to give them all the benefit of doubt lost from the battle system.

Still doesn't help that so far this game's story really shouldn't exist; only doing so by the sheer amount of brain cell genocide the creators committed to Renya's brain near the end of GFP. ~_~;


*scrolls to the article's comment section*

Oh, wait, 'God Mode' this game is divided into Angel Form and Devil Form.

Ha, I see it now. Your 'tough choices' are going to be obviously-good and obviously-bad; each one powering up said respective form.

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