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October 22, 2014, 11:26:16 AM

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Author Topic: A Mana series retrospective.  (Read 496 times)
Klyde Chroma
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« Reply #30 on: October 21, 2014, 11:25:20 PM »

Square and consequently Square Enix is like that uber-popular band you loved since the first album, but their second album had a crazy popular top 40's tune and now you don't even want to count yourself amongst the fanbase openly because of what it could falsely indicate about your taste and sensibility. And of course you hate that top 40's song and really only now appreciate the band for helping mainstream a sound that once resonated with you.

^^ That is how I feel about Square at least.

If I said I loved Square, what I would truly be saying is that I loved SoM, and what they managed to get on the shelf of my local blockbuster back in the early 90's. I respect the fact that were it not for them I would not have discovered my primary love in terms of media, across the board, until much later in life.

Sadly, if I do indeed say I love Square amongst most anyone at present its immediately assumed I am Kingdom Hearts/FF7/FF10 fan. It is like saying I love early nineties rock so people just assume I'm a pearl jam fan. These assumptions fall a fair distance from the truth in my case.

This soliloquy has forced me to adjust my question from the dice thread: is there any Square or Square Enix game you don't actively hate on at every opportunity? You don't seem to miss a beat around here.

Maybe I'm totally off base, but I sort of developed the impression that Aeolus is hyper-critical of every game he writes about. I'm positive I've seen his posts pick apart the technical aspects of games he has openly admitted loving, with a pretty remarkable recall for detail. I think I love reading Aeolus' posts for that very reason. LoL

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« Reply #31 on: Today at 12:05:02 AM »

I think he's critical 'cuz he cares.


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« Reply #32 on: Today at 10:01:52 AM »

 You have to be critical or nothing will change, unfortunately complaining on some random forums isn't going to help much unless you manage to change peoples perspectives which is very unlikely going to happen over the internet.But the main problem is most game companies will only make games that they know have been successful before and just want the money without really caring if the game is fun or not. I am not saying everyone in that company is bad or whatever but there is always that real rich dick who just wants money that is usually in control of everything.

 But back to the point at hand if people just accept a company because they have done well in the past or fall for the pretend super CG hype trailers that usually have no actual gameplay involved in them. You end up with problems like in the MMO world where every single MMO is just a direct copy of Warcraft with different skins. Its never good to be a yes man no matter how much you may of liked a companies game in the past or whatever reasons you may have. The gaming industry has evolved so slowly because people are satisfied and never seek the new greener games over the hill in the past they were evolving fast and it wasn't just the graphics.
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