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Spoilers and the Art of Avoiding Bannination


You've seen it before:  you're minding your own business on the internet when, all of a sudden, you read something about a game you have yet to play that ruins the game for you.  Well, we hate that here, so we've devised a method that promotes discussion of new games without the worries of spoiling the experience for someone.

Gaze upon the code spoilers button, your new best friend.  Using the spoilers button is simple enough for even the most dense internet denizen.

When you wish to talk about a delicate plot point or anything similar, all you need to do is hit the spoilers button, type out the sensitive material, and hit the code button again. Nothing to it.

Once you've got everything ready to go, hit the submit button.  You should see a "Spoiler" warning in place of the text you enclosed within the spoiler tags.  In order to read the text in these boxes, just click it with your mouse.  No problem. This is how they look:

Spoiler: showSee? This is a spoiler. The spoiler is that you're learning how to use these tags.

Now then, with such an easy way of keeping things spoiler-free, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't use this function liberally.  Failure to do so will be dealt with firmly.  It's a moderator's prerogative to decide what is and isn't a spoiler, so use the spoiler block function if there's even a hint of doubt in your mind.

If this (somehow) didn't make things clear for you, feel free to PM one of the administrators, and we'll straighten you out.

Since I really don't want to rewrite this whole thing for the new boards, just know that the button you're looking for now is marked with a # instead of the word code.  Everything else applies.

Heh... I could actually change it to the word "Code". Seems more intuitive.

Oh hey, I updated D-Rider's text up there to reflect our new Spoiler tag. :)


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