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Gothic II: Gold Edition Review Video)
« on: April 27, 2016, 05:00:27 PM »

Gothic II came out in 2002... it is a very underrated cRPG that was overshadowed by Elder scrolls 3 Morrowind (came out months before Gothic II) ... I don't think it gets the credit it deserves...this is my review of a game that more people should know about .. I hope you enjoy  Gothic II Gold Edition is Gothic II and the add on Night Of The Raven

Some info for anyone that just wants to read (perfectly fine)

From Gothic II Wiki - "Like Gothic, Gothic II is set on the medieval styled isle Khorinis. Places include the City of Khorinis, the monastery of the fire mages, farms and woods. The mine valley of part I is also in the game, though it has changed. Of the old camp only the castle remains, the new camp has turned into a region of ice, and the swamp camp is made inaccessible by a fence built by the orcs. The final place visited in the game is Irdorath, a dungeon similar to the temple in Gothic.

Khorinis is a rich area with beautiful farms and dense forests. The main trade resource of Khorinis is the magic ore delivered from its prison colony to the King, who is fighting the orcs on the mainland. Most of the farms in Khorinis are owned by one landowner who has hired mercenaries to protect him and his farms from the militia when they try to collect taxes from the farms. This has caused Khorinis to be on the edge of a civil war. The city is low on food and relies on travelling merchants as the ships from the mainland have stopped coming because of the war.

People in Khorinis believe in three gods. Adanos, the god of water and balance. Innos, the god of fire and good. Beliar, the god of evil and darkness."

From Gothic II Night Of The Raven Wiki- " The expansion does not bring many significant changes to the gameplay. However, a major change can be seen in terms of difficulty, where the developer had rebalanced the whole game and made it harder, after this was requested by the community.

This increase in difficulty is done by adding new, more powerful animals, reducing the number of potions, and special plants found in the game, making attributes and items more expensive, and reducing the effect of permanent potions.[4]

An addition brought by the gameplay consists of a few new skills, and special items. The player now can learn the language of the ancient people which inhabited the newly introduced city of Jharkendar, giving him the possibility to read the so-called Stone Tablets. These can be found across the whole Khorinian island,[5] and have the property to increase the player's attributes.

Night of the Raven also introduces another skill, Acrobatics. Unlike in Gothic, this skill is learned when reaching 90 points of dexterity,[6] and cannot be learned otherwise. Acrobatics is not present in Gothic II."