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Well before any of us have even gotten our hands on Zestiria, this is announced.

So I guess I'll be the first to say it

What the hell is going on with that outfit

Oh new topic!

Abyssal Chronicles has info:

--- Quote ---Tales of Berseria, surprisingly, will feature a female main protagonist. The character's name is Velvet ( ベルベット, berubetto) and will be voiced by Rina Satou. Ms. Satou also made an appearance at the event and expressed that she actually auditioned for the role. Her quote reads "I will not give up. No matter how many times they try, I'll devour them."

The main character designer for Velvet is Mutsumi Inomata. Velvet is apparently a female pirate, and themes of pirates and ships were shown during the short scenery video they played at the event.

No background information on Velvet or the game was given, as they said it is not yet time to give out said info. ufotable will be in charge of the animated cutscenes.
--- End quote ---

VA is the same woman who did Presa from Xillia and that chick from one of my old avatars.

I'm seriooously and pleasantly surprised no Zesty 2 [yet].

--- Quote from: Hathen on June 06, 2015, 09:37:21 AM ---So I guess I'll be the first to say it

What the hell is going on with that outfit

--- End quote ---

Well it appears to be a torn up dress of some sorts.  It looks like Tales of Destiny's Rutee grew out her hair and lengthened her outfit.

I'm hyped hoping for (and in the absence of like ALL information) that the pirate stuff can fill me with a similar sense of 'adventure' like Vespy did way back when.

This already seems more interesting than Zestiria. Intriguing.

I wonder if the Rutee resemblance means that it might take place in the Swordians' past in Tales of Destiny.  After all, one of the Swordians was Berselius.  

I'm cool with a female protagonist, but I hope they give her a personality and not just go all "tsundere sex kitten" on us. But I get the feeling that it will be tsundere sex kitten in the end.  

Pool of Thorns' singer rocks a variety of tattered or shredded up dresses on stage, but they always looked more badass than slutty.  So while I can dig the tatter dress, the way it's done on Velvet is closer to slutty.

Agent D.:
I like the outfit, it really is reminiscient of Rutee, albeit a bit more flowy and tattered.

I guess it's safe to say that she's gonna use Azure Fang over Demon Fang....


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