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Voice actor interviews - who would you want to see interviewed?

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One of the major stories right now is the interview with voice actress Erin Fitzgerald (nu-Chie from P3, Agnes from Bravely Default, Sorceress from Dragon's Crown, Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia, and more!)  I'm aiming to interview more voice actors from the games we play because voice over work is something near and dear to me (I myself am a fledgling voice over artist with 4 audiobook narrations to my credit and more to come) and it's just really cool to interview our favorite characters, ya know?  I can say that I interviewed Chie!  

So who are some voice actors you would potentially like to see interviewed?  

VA interviews we have so far:
Jill Melancon:
Erin Fitzgerald:
Vic Mignogna:
Kira Buckland:
Lucien Dodge:

Rolf Saxon - Broken Sword Series
Tara Strong - Multiple games including FFX
Nolan North - Uncharted, Deadpool and a bunch of other stuff
David Hayter - MGS
Troy Baker - Loads of stuff
Jennifer Hale - Pretty much every game known to man.

I know most of these are AAA guys, and not all of them are known for RPGs, but you asked :)

All good, Maxx.  Yeah, I have to keep it to actors attached to games that fall under RPGFan's coverage but any and all suggestions are welcome. 

Rolf Saxon and Troy Baker are great suggestions.   

I would be over the moon to snag interviews with AAA talent like Jennifer Hale, Tara Strong, Jonny Yong Bosch, Michelle Ruff, et al, but I think I need a few more interviews under my belt before I can leverage for those.  And I'd love to get an interview with Richard Epcar (Ansem from Kingdom Hearts, Ziggy from Xenosaga).

And since several of you are into smaller/indie games, any suggestions of up-and-comers who you think are great are welcome too.  I'd love to snag an interview with Lucien Dodge who's done a lot of indie games and seems to be getting more name recognition from the big boys. 

Then how about Ashly Burch - She's climbing to the big leagues but might still be fairly approachable.
Or maybe Logan Cunningham (The narrator from Bastion, among others).

Digging the suggestions.  I hope more people chime in with others. 


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