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WELCOME TO MY CORNER OF RPGFan reserved for pictures I work on!

I WELCOME ideas, criticisms (be SORTA nice though, I have a soul), comments, praise <3 or all of the above.  
If you have a recommendation, I always like taking on other peoples ideas as a 'creative challenge' of sorts.

Related Links: If you want to see past works, my adorable logo, and sketches. Not the biggest fan, but it's 'where people go', and a lot of my older stuff is there too.  Support your local Dice, buy a print, or a clock, or a cup, or whatever.

First up is an update on a drawing I did in 2013 of the FFIX cast.  After looking at it for two years I noticed 'issues' and fixed them up (here's the older one for comparison, but the major changes include giving Zidane a huge face update so he doesn't look like he just got punched in the head, Garnet's lighting changed due to glowing pendant, colour corrections in the 'upper red zone' to be more accurate to the game and less similar).

I also drew up a picture of Sheena to get some practice with some Photoshop brushes.  Her design is pretty simple, so it was fun to do!

Those are seriously good, Dice!  Nice job!

Nice work!

Wild Armor:
Ah! I saw that Sheena drawing on tumblr the other night when I zipping through the daily posts! That's some quality stuff there. ;)

Oh wow these are so good!


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