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I know I am not the only "RPGFan Fan" here in the forums that is into Asian Drama.  For me, it's specifically Korean Drama.  I only just became a kdrama addict a few months ago, so I have yet to branch out into other regions.

I thought I'd create a thread where we can discuss dramas and make recommendations (or warnings).

So, which dramas are you watching right now?  What have you completed this year?

I've only ever finished the 2010 version of Three Kingdoms, which I did actually like enough to consider it one of my favorite live-action shows. Also it really got me into the RoTK lore more than all the Dynasty Warriors games I played. The show itself has some excellent casting, most notable with Cao Cao. The one thing is though, that it tends to be fairly over the top at times, but I don't think I need to explain that to anyone who watches asian drama.

I've tried to look bit into other stuff, but I'm not really interested in any contemporary setting stuff other than maybe trying out some kamen rider some day. I've heard there are some decent historical korean shows and japanese samurai drama, but in general I don't really know much what goes on with them.

Yeah, I like the silly romance and syrupy sentimentality of the contemporary kdramas.  The only historical one I saw was "Deep-Rooted Tree" which was interesting but devolved into so much sound and fury signifying nothing.  I can't recommend it to a casual (which I think I still am).

The last couple years have seen some EXCELLENT medical dramas come from Korea, though.  Both Good Doctor and Doctor Stranger proved to be both addictive and entertaining.  And a couple of the actors have been exceptional, as well, which is difficult to gauge being a non-Korean.  But I think anyone could watch Good Doctor and be blown away by Joo Won, for example.  The guy's a beast.

Cunning Single Lady


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Netflix keeps recommending this to me.  I think my wife will eventually make me watch it.  ??/10??


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