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13 Sentinels: Vanillaware's Necro'd 2D Mecha Action

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Back when the Odin's Sphere remake was announced recently, there was also mention of another Vanillaware project that was soon to be revealed. This is that project. Here's hoping there's more to come from TGS other than the 30 sec trailer shown during Sony's pre-TGS event.


--- Quote ---2D Mecha action
--- End quote ---

Yeah, I'm in.  I'm not even a fan of mecha, but Vanillaware itself is the sell... it looks beautiful.

I like VanillaWare, I like mecha (the one in the trailer had cool design), and I liked the music in the trailer.  This piques my interest.

TGS 2015 is really getting my hopes up..... This looks promising as well.


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