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RPGFan Sunday Streaming!

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As we announced a few weeks ago, as of November 15th, we're going to be streaming games for about 90 minutes each Sunday, starting at noon Eastern.  We'll have a different staffer streaming each week (there are about half a dozen of us who are planning to participate as of now), and we're planning to focus on games that are new and hot or on games that aren't out yet when possible.  When we don't have cool new stuff to show off, we'll instead bring you games that we just plain enjoy.  I'll try to keep this post updated with the upcoming schedule, although please understand that things aren't written in stone, and we may end up with last minute substitutions from time to time.

Please use this thread to suggest games you'd like to see and to give us feedback on how it's going.  We think this is going to be a fun way to spend a bit of our weekend, and we hope you do too.

RPGFan's channel on Twitch:

Upcoming schedule:
11/15 - Fallout 4 with Caitlin Argyros
11/22 - Dragon Quest Heroes with John Tucker

At some point I will definitely stream some Japanese games.

Quick reminder, we'll be doing our first weekly stream tomorrow.  Caitlin will be playing Fallout 4 - should be fun!

We are streaming now if you guys want to come join us!


--- Quote from: Taelus on November 08, 2015, 10:36:08 PM ---At some point I will definitely stream some Japanese games.

--- End quote ---

That'd actually be a great way to hype anticipated games. :O


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