Author Topic: Shadows of Adam - Mystic Quest like 2D RPG for PC, Linux, and Mac  (Read 1539 times)


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So found this project on reddit yeserday, the kickstarter just started a few days ago and they have a 2 hour demo available. My expectations weren't high but I found that I really enjoyed the game. It cuts out a lot of the old school "fat" of retro style RPGs and focuses on quick ability-laden battles and (hopefully?) engaging dungeon puzzles. There's no random encounters, and zero grinding. The script is well written, and the dungeon segments are fairly short with a good pacing inbettwen side quests (diversions). Anyway I put together a review video to share the things that I liked about the project so far. Or -

Check Out Shadows of Adam on Kickstarter:
Vote to Greenlight on Steam:
Play the Demo Online:
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