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Read an interesting article for people who struggle to read books on Lifehacker today:

Some books can be intimidating. I'm looking at you Atlas Shrugged. You've heard so much buzz about them and want to read them so you can you contribute in social circles or for one's own personal pleasure. I've only had a few books in my life that I enjoyed so much I wasn't able to put down or without at least much restraint like sleep, work, school, or social callings. Namely, Dune and Lord of the Rings.

The author of the Lifehacker article suggests starting with a daily goal of reading 25 pages. I won't write out all the math here, but if 25 pages are read daily then quite a bit of literature can be devoured in a year.

I view books kind of the same way I see the gym. You have to work out on a consistent basis, whether that's time of day or how many times daily/weekly to see progress. Getting the reps in and increasing the weight. So maybe that's increasing how many pages are read daily or how long I can sit and read in one setting 15, 20, 25, 30+ minutes. With 25 pages a day, suddenly Atlas Shrugged doesn't look so bad.

I start class again tomorrow, so I'll have to dial back my rpgs, dvr, netflix binging, archery or social events, but hope with a simple goal of reading 25 pages a day or 30 minutes I can enjoy some great books this year that are in my endless backlog simultaneously reading classroom textbook material.

on account of who wrote it, Atlas Shrugged always looks bad.

But I get what you're saying Infinite Jest nearly killed me.

Also, there is no goddamn way I can read 25 pages in 30 minutes.  Is that normal?

Different folks can speed read and comprehend what they just read, or they skim and can just pull the facts. I also know that speed of reading can be dependent on knowledge of material first, level of interest invested in what's read. For example, mechanical maintenance of sophisticated auto systems or repair aren't quick and easy reads, heh! Me? I'm a slow reader because I often drift off into my own thoughts. I think the moral is we all read differently, but if one's struggling to be motivated to read more (points at self) then commit to a small goal then work on increasing number of pages read.

I thankfully have it pretty easy as far as my reading time is concerned these days. I have a two hour round trip subway commute to and from work every week day, so I'm able to get a lot of reading done in those times. Occasionally I replace the books with a 3DS game, as I've been doing with Bravely Default, but I always go back to the books. It's the best way to lose yourself on a crowded train.

I used to do as the article suggests and read for at least half an hour a day. I didn't have a number of pages to read goal as books can vary in the amount of words that are crammed onto a page. Speaking of Atlas Shrugged, I have a mass market paperback edition that has ridiculously tiny font. It would probably take me five minutes to just read a page.


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