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Pokemon celebrates its 20th birthday on Saturday. What are your expectations beyond it just being the same game for the 50th time?


tl;dr Pokemon Sun and Moon. Holiday 2016 on the 3DS. Get ready to give up halfway through catching them all, again.

5/10: New Starters, Box Legendaries and Release Date Revealed

Official Site

Want NX to sell?  Finally make a next-gen Pokemon game (it won't happen).

Anyways, oddly looking forward to it!  C'mon Pokemon Z!

I would be completely unsurprised to hear of Pokemon Z.  I would love to be surprised by something.  I'd like an actual release date for Pokemon Go as well.

"Everyone will receive a 3DS notification with all the passwords for Pokemon Picross, 'cuz we realized how asinine that was!"

Oh yeah, I gave up on that game forever ago.  It was impossible for me to do any more puzzles without buying them or doing the daily "training puzzles" for several months.


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