Author Topic: My Rpg maker game: Chronicles of the Holy War  (Read 1536 times)


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My Rpg maker game: Chronicles of the Holy War
« on: February 28, 2016, 06:26:49 AM »

I have made a RPG with rpg maker vx ace which features:
- Classic turn based combat;
- Visual novel presentation;
- Over 70 music;
- 74 chapters;
- 56 characters;
- A branching storyline;
- At a low price.

Overview: Following the death of King Achab, it is his wife, Queen Jezebel, who took over the reigns of the kingdom of Benjamin. But after his death, Jezebel goes insane. Over time, she had become a tyrannical queen. Many rumors have surfaced: King Achab would have had affairs with his maid Bilhah and from this union was born an illegitimate daughter. The people, tired of the tyranny of Queen Jezebel, start a rebellion with Rachel as a leader, the illegitimate daughter of Achab.


A demo of the first 11 chapters is available here:!zFsWjQYY!F_l3TB9ZEqtSEa4aLpEqxXbEiYosn0p82VR-3_U6ty0

The game is available on for 2.99$ here:

Here is the blog of my game:
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