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Overwatch an expensive version of TF2

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So I am watching people stream The Overwatch and while I have no doubt in my mind I will like the game because they have a lot of classes and gameplay modes. In less than 5 minutes I notice how this game reminded me of Team Fortress 2. Now I get the feeling really I'm just paying for an expensive version of TF2. I guess its not a bad thing since I haven't played TF2 in years and its a pretty outdated game. But I feel like people are seriously over hyping this game when all it seems to be is a nice version of the game. As I said earlier I am sure the Overwatch is going to be a good game, maybe even great. And I am sure they will add elements to the game that make it unique but so far all I see is TF2.

Agent D.:
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Also, mild interest in this.


I'm very upset I never received any notification about early access to the open beta for pre-ordering. Just have to wait until the weekend like everyone else.

@missRPGirl: Blizzard replied to the Team Fortress 2 comparison back in BlizzCon 2014.


The Story of Overwatch: The Fall of Titan [Part 1] / Return of the '90s Shooter [Part 2] / 21 Hero Salute [Part 3] -- GameSpot, YouTube


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