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Some old games I'm trying to unload


Hi All,

I've been trying to clear out the chaff from my ever growing pile of games and thought it would be better to put them up for sale on here before I took them in to my local used game shop (or auction them off elsewhere).  I've had good experiences with doing business with members before so it seems worth it to give things another shot.  Prices are VERY negotiable.

Here's the list of what I'm looking to part with:

Mass Effect 1-3 (360)
The Witcher 2 (360)
Skyrim (PS3)
Assassins Creed I,II, Brotherhood (PS3)
Beyond Two Souls: Special Edition (PS3)
Atelier Iris 3 (PS2)
Dragon Quest 8 (PS2)
Shining Tears (PS2)
Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires (PS2)
Soul Nomad and the World Eaters (PS2)
Breath of Fire III (PSX) (no manual)
SaGa Frontier (PSX) (no manual)
SaGa Frontier 2 (PSX)
Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)
Star Ocean: Second Story (PSX) (no manual)
Threads of Fate (PSX)
The Legend of Dragoon (PSX) (turns out I had a copy all along...)

I've just come to a point where I've realized that I'll either never play or replay any of these wonderful titles ever again. All are in perfectly playable condition.  kthnxbai.


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