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Tomohiko Kira passed away


Tomohiko Kira has passed away on Jul 3 from illness. Hw is known for being a guitarist on the Chrono Cross soundtrack RIP man you were a legend within SquareSoft here's a link


RIP, Tomohiko Kira. One of the best songs on the Chrono Cross soundtrack is played by him on acoustic guitar. Here's the track:

Chrono Cross OST 3-15 Radical Dreamers ~ Jewel Which Cannot Be Stolen

Interview from 2004:

Hopefully, he's in heaven smiling down on us all, RPGfans.

I saw that... sad =-(


as part of the "ZABADAK" group, he performed on track 1 of the new arranged album "To Far Away Times."

It was probably his last commercial recording.


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