Author Topic: Bravely Second End Layer OST

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Bravely Second End Layer OST
« on: August 10, 2016, 12:30:47 PM »
My buddy Samer wrote RPGFan's review of the Bravely Second End Layer OST.

Thoughts on the OST or the review? Let's discuss!
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Re: Bravely Second End Layer OST
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2016, 01:50:00 PM »
1) Samer called ryo's soundtrack a "first effort," but in fact, ryo's been composing for 9 years for games and anime, and his discography on vgmdb runs longer than Revo's. ryo's had plenty of time to establish a sound style, and I'd say he has ... it's just not what most of us wanted for the sequel to Bravely Default.

2) I think Square Enix chose (anyone but Revo) for budget reasons. Revo's sound was synonymous with Bravely Default, and Revo probably knew this and also probably made some contractual demands that S-E wasn't willing to satisfy. This is the same Revo who did Attack on Titan with its stupidly-catchy "Wir sind die Jaeger!" -- Revo's cult following has been around a long time now, but it's growing steadily as he gains more exposure in mainstream products. I don't know who to blame more between S-E and Revo because I wasn't there to witness the conversation. But honestly, IMO, Revo should've been the one to do this soundtrack.

3) The tracklist has cool song titles.

4) There's still some sweet rock here. "Battle of Annie 2" is probably a personal favorite.